YouTube Tip – Remove Recommended Videos

A couple of people have recently asked me about what seems to be quite a common problem – the YouTube video recommendations screen.

This is the list of videos that pops up when you’ve finished watching a video on YouTube. It’s fine if you’re surfing the site itself and don’t mind taking a magical mystery tour, but not so great for any videos you’ve embedded on your own site. In fact some of YouTube’s recommendations can be downright odd and can definitely give the wrong impression about your company or brand. As a quick example here’s the selection that pops up at the end of a recent draft video I uploaded to my channel for a client to review.

The original video is for an engineering company. The recommendations cover everything from Ricky Gervais to a Hungarian street dance with no engineering in sight. In fairness the original video hasn’t been labeled yet with a description & tags so a somewhat random selection would be expected – but even with a very well labeled video you can’t control exactly what appears in this screen.

Removing this screen from your video embed is actually quite straightforward once you know where to look. Log in to the account which uploaded the video and access the video on its own video page.

1 – Under the video click the Share tab

2 – Click the Embed tab

3 – Underneath the embed code, make sure the Show suggested videos checkbox is unchecked.

Alternatively you can edit the embed code manually (for example if you are editing your site’s HTML directly) – simply add the query string ?rel=0 after the url of the video in the code. So in this case the embed code

Embed code


Embed Code - no recommendations

So now your site visitors should just get a blank screen when they reach the end of the video and you’ll avoid any nasty surprises.

I’ll be looking at the other embed options in more detail in an upcoming post….