Why Manchester is the Perfect Location For Your Next Corporate Video

One of the best ways to enhance your business and stand out from the crowd is to make a corporate video. Based in Manchester, we specialise in dynamic and incisive video content that gets to the heart of your business. Manchester is now recognised as the second city of the United Kingdom and is particularly strong in a number of leading business sectors. Not only does it offer next level creativity and an array of thriving entertainment, but is considered to be the fastest growing British economy outside of London.


With an estimated £28 billion gross domestic product and home to over 2,000 foreign enterprises, Manchester is now rendered one of the best cities in the world. This fascinating Northern hub is actually the perfect location for any business looking to make a corporate video. Possessing a diverse range of locations, Manchester can offer a suitable feel for all kinds of video. If you’re looking for a quirky and interesting feel, a high-end vibe, or a sophisticated ambience – Manchester can provide.


Great Locations

It’s no lie that Manchester boasts some great locations, all within close proximity of each other. It has all the great perks of a city, but possesses a comfortable size. Within this comfortable sized city lies some very inviting hubs, which star some very different feels.


Indeed, Manchester offers up a variety of arts and culture, immersed in some very different, yet spectacular destinations. Boasting a small area of urban dilapidation called the Northern Quarter, is one thing Manchester prides itself for. Its narrow streets and tiny shop fronts is what characterises this area. This atmospheric neighbourhood is home to an array of bohemian bars, independent restaurants and quirky vintage shops and is adjacent to the city centre. The distinctive architecture is what lends the Northern Quarter much of its appeal and makes it a unique and interesting location for recording a corporate video. So if you’re looking for a unique and charming location, then the Northern Quarter is a great place to consider.


Polar to this quirky vibe is the truly picturesque Deansgate Locks. This destination stars a number of railway arches, which are home to a generous amount of trendy bars and clubs. This high-end and sophisticated area is an inspirational destination for any corporate video. It’s a vibrant part of Manchester, with a great sense of class, perfect when portraying an elegant representation for your business.


Spinningfields is also another great destination. The emblematic business district is perfect for those who wish to represent a professional appeal for their business. Now recognised as the ‘Canary Wharf’ of the North, Spinningfields is home to many commercial developments. The award-winning mixed-use development is found in the heart of the city centre, offering global business, high-end fine eateries and a number of luxurious bars. Starring modern high-rise glass and chrome buildings renders Spinningfields a great place for any video setting.  


Media City

Manchester also boasts Media City UK, located in Salford Quays. Set across 36 acres of land, this was built to provide a purpose-built home for creative and digital businesses. Media City UK stars a waterfront destination, with digital creativity, learning and leisure at its heart. Home to the BBC and ITV departments, this destination is recognised as one of the United Kingdom’s most initiative developments.


Cost of living

Whilst Manchester offers the incredible city vibe, it is not intimidating in terms of size or cost. Despite being one of the biggest cities within the UK, Manchester actually brags being the 7th cheapest place in the country. It offers the same great things as London but for a whopping 30% cheaper. The key differences between these two cities are rapidly thinning. Manchester has become a great city to experience, where you can keep your spends at a minimum and not have to throw the city lifestyle away.
Manchester is an incredible destination, attracting all kinds of people. Its business sector, shops, bars and restaurants are enough to encourage any audience to indulge in the Mancunian lifestyle at least for a day. It offers the incredible city buzz, without the outrageous costs and features a number of locations, beautiful in different ways. All these different factors are what render Manchester the perfect location for your corporate video. So many offerings means you can feature your video wherever is suitable to your business. Be as picky as you like, Manchester has it all.