Why is Soundtrack So Important?

Those of us who were watching TV in the 70’s and 80’s are very familiar with the Benny Hill soundtrack. In every episode it would pipe up over him in sped up film being chased in increasingly silly scenarios. It’s now become musical shorthand for ‘hey guys, this is ridiculous’. It can be found online over any number of familiar dramatic movie clips, but with the Benny Hill song, they suddenly become preposterous – take this example from The Matrix:

That is the power of the soundtrack. Often in the background and easily overlooked, it has enormous power to influence how we perceive what we’re watching, and how we feel about it.

At Hyperfine Media, choosing the right soundtrack is an integral part of the production process. We’re guided by the message we’re communicating, the type of organisation we’re working with, the creative brief we’re working to, and the impression we want the viewer to have of the business.

We’ve selected 3 of our favourite uses of soundtracks to show how important it is to our production process:

Recycle for Greater Manchester wanted to showcase some creative and quirky ideas for upcycling old materials. In this case, making a bag for life out of left-over fabric. We chose music that would bring an appealing and vintage feel to showcase some ‘old-fashioned’ skills. The relaxed free-and-easy style of the music helps the task seem achievable and fun, while the gentle jazz melody gives an impression of creativity and personal style.

Ainscough Industrial Services is a leading engineering solutions provider. They wanted to communicate their 6 key competencies. We chose music which reflected them as a company – positive, optimistic, with a driving pace. The soundtrack has a sense of component parts building to a whole melody, and with the gradual addition of instruments and the augmentations of the rhythm, it reflects the on-screen narrative of a number of departments and processes contributing to a whole organisation.

Sabisu offers data reporting to the energy industry. They wanted to introduce their software system, but without appearing dull or dry. We chose a fast-paced foot-tapping soundtrack with a compelling pace and a modern technological style. The end result is a sense of a positive and powerful offering from an innovative business.

Choosing the right soundtrack is all part of our service. We work to the brief to find music and sound that helps us communicate the right message to the right audience. Each brief and each client is different, just as every piece of music is unique. We aim to match the right music to the right business, creating a unified and effective message.