The latest research from Google hold some interesting insights for anyone that’s creating digital videos.

They set out to find what we all think of as quality when we watch videos online. And some of the findings may surprise you.

Things that said quality half a dozen years ago, it seems, are less important now. To be replaced with new hallmarks of quality.

Viewers don’t care about expensive cameras, slick production and famous faces in online videos and adverts.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the new hallmarks of quality. So you can start adopting them when shooting your own videos.

What Makes Quality Video in 2019?

More than 3,000 respondents to a Google survey were asked what ‘high quality’ video content means to them.

We have gleaned some insights below.

Storytelling is Powerful

The research showed that when people are searching for something to watch, videos that related to a passion were 1.6x as important as whether the content has a high production quality.

For businesses that want to communicate with their audiences through video, this means that they should focus less on making the production perfect and more on the story that guides the video.

You need to find a way to connect with your viewers through something that they find meaningful.

Great stories can make people laugh, they can make people cry or they can make people feel intellectually stimulated.

But they need to make people feel something. And the best camera gear in the world can’t make up for this if it isn’t there.

Research shows that you don’t need a £1,000 camera to make a great online video.

‘Niche’ Doesn’t Have to Mean Small

With the growth of the internet and lots of different online channels, viewers aren’t restricted with what they watch.

With so much choice on offer, it is easy to forget that as recently as the 1980s viewers could only choose between three television channels in the UK.

Now, online platforms let anyone watch something that caters to their interests at any time of day. In this environment, it’s difficult to think of some kind of content that wouldn’t find an audience online.

Whether its beekeeping, soapmaking, vexillology or exploring abandoned buildings – there aren’t many interests that aren’t well served by videos and channels online.  And if they are created with enough enthusiasm, these ‘niche’ videos can reach a huge audience of engaged people.

From their own video sharing platform YouTube, Google gives examples of two niche creators.

Steve1989MREinfo has created a devoted following of millions of people for his videos which involve unboxing old military rations.

Meanwhile Postmodern Jukebox has racked up millions of views by creating old-school arrangements of modern hit songs.

Google’s research shows that allow people to dig deeper into their interests is 2.7x more important than videos that feature famous actors.

The Personal Premium

Google’s survey evidence also shows that people routinely seek out content that speaks to them on a personal level. They also yearn for video content that meets their need in a specific moment.

For companies, this means that they can produce content that will affect potential customers at different sections of the buying process.

A car seller, for example, might produce one video helping customers choose between SUVs, hatchbacks and saloons that customers can watch when they are first thinking about a new car.

The seller may produce other videos like specific model reviews to help customers narrow down their options while choosing a car.

And finally, they might make a video about what colour car to choose for when the customer has all but finished the buying process.

With so much digital media available, people are becoming pickier about what they do with their online time.

Millennials and younger viewers are particularly discerning. They want to find real purpose and meaning in what they watch.

They will take time over their decisions instead of throwing on any old rubbish. And around half of all millennials say that they will watch something just to talk about it with friends.

Social media makes it easier for people to share and talk about videos online and gives them a new dimension – opening up a back and forth between the publisher and viewer. This can make videos connect with people more and feel more authentic.

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