The Global Village

Animated infographics can be a great way to capture the attention and encourage sharing on social platforms. In this example we look at some of the surprising facts and figures that emerge when the world population is represented as a village of 100 people. Statistics taken from

Transcribed Video

7 billion people share this planet but if the world’s entire population was squeezed into a village of only 100 people it would look something like this.

Unsurprisingly, half of the people in the village would be male, half would be female, 26 would be children and 74 would be adults. 8 of these would be 65 or over representing the growing age of our population. There would be five people from the US and Canada, 9 from Latin America, 11 from Europe, 15 from Africa, and 60 from Asia.

Migrations towards cities means that 51 people would live in the rural outskirts of our village, and 49 in the much smaller urban centre. 77 would have shelter from the elements, 23 would not.

Of those that do have housing, the majority would be substandard. 13 people would not have access to clean water and 22 would not have any electricity. Of those that do, most would use it only for light at night. 18 people would be unable to read or write. But while 10 years ago only 1 person would would have a degree education, today that’s leapt up to 7.

15 would be malnourished. 1 would be dying of starvation, but 21 would be overweight. Nearly half of the population would live on less than 2 dollars a day, and one fifth would have to live on less than one dollar.

And every year 1 person would die, but 2 more would be born to take their place.

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