Simon Jersey corporate video

Simon Jersey specialise in corporate workwear. This is an excerpt from a video that we filmed across several visits to their Lancashire HQ. We spoke to the team about what makes their company a leader in its field and showcased some of their cutting edge designs.

Transcribed Video

Client: Simon Jersey
Sector: Retail / Fashion
Project: Corporate Video

Style is Eternal.

Simon Jersey has over 40 years experience in corporate workwear market. It is our dedication to design and innovation that means that we have 50,000 customers in the UK.

It is important that we get the design and the quality right. We work in a workwear environment and we need to make sure the products are durable and the garments are wearable and comfortable.

The design of the uniform and wearing a fully bespoke uniform is absolutely critical to any brand. It’s not only about what it does for the brand but it’s how people feel when they go to work. To be comfortable and confident in your clothing makes a lot of difference.

It is a great accolade for us that Team GB came to us….

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