Scapa training scenarios

This video for Scapa is an example of a scripted training video. The videos explores the application of their company values in real-world situations. We created detailed storyboards based on the client scenarios and cast the roles using local actors. The videos are now an integral part of their global training delivery.

Transcribed Video

Giovanni, Sales Director: Ok, so you’ve narrowed it down to three candidates. Let’s go through them. What did you think of John? He’s certainly got lots of experience.

David, Sales Manager: Sure, he’s been in the industry a long time. But I’d be a bit worried he’s a little old for this role.

Giovanni: Really? I think our clients would respect the experience he brings to the table.

David: Well, it’s just working in sales, it takes a lot of energy and drive – and I’m not sure he’ll be able to keep up with some of the younger members of the team.

Giovanni: Ok, let’s put him to one side. What about the other two? Looks like Sarah also has plenty of relevant experience.

David: Yes, and she could clearly tell me when she had demonstrated the Guiding Principles in her past jobs. I thought she was a good candidate, but if I’m honest I think Dan’s got the edge.

Giovanni: Even though he’s less experienced?

David: Yeah but I just think he’ll be better at building relationships with our customers.

Giovanni: What makes you say that?

David: Well, most of our customer contacts are men, so I think that a male Sales Assistant would put us in a better position to get the results for us.

Giovanni: Ok, well if you’re so sure, you’re the hiring manager so I’ll trust your judgement.

Carrie, Marketing Manager: How’s the new sales assistant doing? It’s been a couple of months now hasn’t it since he joined?

Giovanni: Well, David tells me he’s doing ok, but I haven’t seen any new deals coming in from him yet.

Carrie: Yeah, I’m hearing some feedback from customers that he comes across as a nice enough guy but he doesn’t know as much about the business as they might expect. I think it’s affecting our chances of closing some deals.

Giovanni: Oh really? Because David was so keen on this candidate, he was so sure they would he be perfect for the role.

Carrie: Yeah I was quite surprised he went with Dan to be honest. In the recruitment process Sarah really knew the business, John had some great experience, I was wondering why David went with that decision.

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