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Gorvins – Legal Training Video

Gorvins is a prestigious firm of solicitors based in Stockport. One area of law they wanted to highlight was ‘Power of Attorney’, and in particular they wanted to help bank staff understand how to interpret power of attorney documents. We filmed one of their partners talking through the key points and to illustrate these we [read more…]

Glassafe – Step-by-step usage guide

Glassafe is a unique ‘stillage’, or stand, designed to safely store large panels of glass during construction projects. This step-by-step training video shows end-users of the product exactly how it works in a much more effective way than simply describing it or showing photos.

Glassafe – Proof of Concept Video

Glassafe is a unique ‘stillage’, or stand, to safely store large panels of glass during construction projects. The inventor of Glassafe, Ian Grimshaw, needed a video to explain the concept and design. We based the video around an interview with Ian and illustrated this with footage of the stillage being set-up and used. The advantage of this video [read more…]

Spectrum Plant – Product Video

Spectrum Plant wanted a video to convey all of the key features of their ‘Timberwolf’ tree stump grinder. They already had some videos of the Timberwolf in action, but these didn’t give any details about the unique design features of the product. We filmed the Timberwolf in our studio against a plain white backdrop and added movement to [read more…]

ACT Meters – Product Videos

ACT Meters approached Hyperfine to create a series of videos showcasing their range of high-end battery testing equipment. These videos were designed to be a key part of their new website so we deliberately kept them short and to-the-point. For products like this we recommend filming against a plain white backdrop, which helps to keep focus on the products. [read more…]

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