Training Video Production

Videos to bring your training courses to life

Hyperfine Media are one of the most experienced training video production companies in the Manchester area, with an ever growing portfolio to our name. See below for examples of our recent work.

Using training videos means that you don’t need to get everyone together in one place at one time to deliver your course. Participants can complete the training at their own pace, meaning huge cost savings and reduced impact on your business

We employ a variety of production techniques and many of our videos are created by filming a trainer in a live training environment. In other cases we film a presenter in our studio addressing the camera directly. We can also produce fully scripted training scenarios using actors – for example to illustrate company values.

Video tutorials

Video is the ideal tool for software tutorials – we can record the software directly from the screen and create professional step-by-step walkthroughs with voiceover and captions.

Our involvement doesn’t end with the video production – we can advise on developing an online eLearning platform to host the videos and related content.

Get in touch today to discuss how our training videos could transform your business or take a look at some of the examples below.

Scapa training scenarios

This video for Scapa is an example of a scripted training video. The videos explores the application of their company values in real-world situations. We created detailed storyboards based on the client scenarios and cast the roles using local actors. The videos are now an integral part of their global training delivery. Transcribed Video Giovanni, [read more…]

Gorvins – Legal Training Video

Gorvins is a prestigious firm of solicitors based in Stockport. One area of law they wanted to highlight was ‘Power of Attorney’, and in particular they wanted to help bank staff understand how to interpret power of attorney documents. We filmed one of their partners talking through the key points and to illustrate these we [read more…]

Glassafe – Step-by-step usage guide

Glassafe is a unique ‘stillage’, or stand, designed to safely store large panels of glass during construction projects. This step-by-step training video shows end-users of the product exactly how it works in a much more effective way than simply describing it or showing photos.

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