Video production for Facebook

Video is becoming more important on social media. As the global battle for attention heats up, companies can capture viewers and drive engagement with Facebook videos.

Here are our top tips for shooting and posting Facebook videos.

Use subtitles

Around 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

Many users will scroll through their newsfeed when they’re on a bus or taking a break at work, so they won’t be able to listen to your video.

If your viewer doesn’t know what’s going on without sound then they are unlikely to stick around very long. Adding captions can be time-consuming, but it is relatively straightforward.

Shoot square videos

Buffer says that square videos are more popular on Facebook. Particularly on mobile where more videos are watched.

Widescreen videos take up 78% more screen real estate in the Facebook news feed on mobile than on desktop.

And with mobile browsing only going up, it is well worth experimenting with square videos to see if they boost your video engagement rate.

Grab people’s attention

The Facebook news feed is essentially one big competition for the scroller’s attention. And with so much great content on the platform these days, you need to stand out.

Make sure there’s something to hook your viewer in the first three seconds of your video.

You can do this with a tantalising custom thumbnail or a short action clip at the start of your video that whets the viewer’s appetite.

Simple videos

Grab and keep your audience’s attention with a simple and easy to understand message.

If you can’t sum up what your video is about in one sentence, then your point probably isn’t going to hit home with Facebook viewers.

Simple videos are also easier to share, which is very important when it comes to ‘going viral’ with Facebook content.

how to make videos shareableShareable

Facebook’s algorithm is all about sharing. The most shared videos usually appear ahead of other videos in people’s news feeds.

There is no set formula to win shares on your video. You can ask your followers to share but this will only get you so far.

The best way to go viral is to think about why people might share your video and create your video with this goal in mind.

Your video could make someone’s friends laugh. It could help them show off or it could express how they feel about a certain topic. These are all reasons why someone might share your video.

Compelling copy

The little piece of copy that accompanies your video is another opportunity for you to entice viewers in and generate engagement.

Facebook will truncate your copy with a ‘read more’ tag after about 400 characters, so you want to keep your description relatively short.

But make sure it is long enough to tell the viewer what they are about to watch and include a call to action if you can.

Live video

Facebook recently tweaked their algorithm, giving more weight to live videos. This is because people watch live videos for about three times longer than regular videos.

Live broadcasting isn’t suitable for all videos. Clearly, if you want to take multiple cuts or edit your video, you’ll struggle with the live format.

But some videos work really well. Try live streaming a special event, a tutorial or another interesting scene that you can shoot on the fly.

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