Video Marketing Advice from Freedom Communications

In a recent report Cisco have predicted that by 2017 video will account for 69 per cent of all consumer internet traffic. This statistic reflects the growing popularity of video as an entertainment medium amongst users, as well as a tool that is being optimised by a vast number of content marketers.

No matter what size of business you have, if you’re not currently incorporate video in your marketing strategy, it’s not too late to start.


In order to see how video content impacts the marketing strategy of our clients, we’ve recently caught up with Max Meiklejohn, the Head of Marketing at Freedom Communications. Freedom Communications is a Unified Communications Systems Integrator supporting over 6,000 voice, data and connectivity installations.

Below we have insights from Max on how video has been used by Freedom Communications:

How important is video content to your marketing strategy?

Essentially we can convey complicated messages in a far more clear and engaging way. Video forms the basis of all messaging and is a strategic medium we simply could not do without. Video reflects how customers are using our solutions, providing a clear and demonstrable vision for prospects to understand how they too can benefit. Furthermore video can be integrated as part of our sales cycle by delivering key messages and supporting customer engagement.

How has video helped you build your brand?

Fundamentally video enables us to bring the brand to life in a way that the written word can’t. We have the opportunity to convey a greater sense of emotive brand representation that is difficult to achieve through other mediums.

How have you used video to demonstrate your products and services?

We have built the following types of video:

Brand: these are videos which convey what we stand for and our capabilities as an organisation.

Case studies: providing credibility and proof of value with key customers.

Product: bringing to life solutions and demonstrating in live context how they can be used and how they can bring real benefits to customers.

Differentiation: demonstrating how we can take prospects and customers from where they are today and transition them to new world technologies through well practiced processes.

These videos provide customers with the confidence they will be well looked after and supported throughout the process.

How do you use video as a support tool for your services?

We have developed and will continue to provide customers with training materials via video which demonstrate the use of the applications and services we provide. This provides our customers with reference material that not only demonstrates the products in use, but also brings them to life through their use in context that they can refer to at any point.

We hope that these insights into video content from Freedom Communications have opened your eyes to the variety of ways in which video can be used in order to benefit and promote your business.