Utilise Live Streaming for your Business

Live streaming events can set your video content apart from your competitors. Not only does it make your business seem forward thinking and innovative, it also gives your audience access behind the scenes. By allowing your audience/customers inside your company, you will be able to engage their interest. By offering your customers unique information or content you will be able to sustain engagement which will benefit your business.


Sharing live events.

By streaming live events you can make your audience feel connected and present at the event. But be warned, pointing the camera at one spot for 3 hours is unlikely to keep your audience entertained. You are your audience’s eyes and ears, so keep them inspired. If you think back to an award ceremony you have seen on TV, you will see an interchange between locations, interviewees and subject matters which keep the audience entertained and engaged. The advantages to this are that comments coming in from your audiences can be answered on the fly, providing an open forum for your viewers.


Host Interviews

By conducting short interviews with employees or clients you can bring the audience focus to the human side of your industry. Video content is designed so that audiences gain information, so provide information that your audience doesn’t know. Show that you are an open industry, prepared to discuss matters surrounding your industry. Keep the level of promotion to a minimum as this is off-putting and obvious for customers. Consistency is key to engaging customer focus. By creating a series of interviews you can keep an engaged audience over time. Similarly, this can be opened up to a straightforward Q&A session, in which the audience get to ask the questions. This can create a strong bond between audience and industry.


Show How the Product is Created

With live streaming, you can show your audience the product creation process. For service based industries, then aim to showcase a day in the life live event. Any additional access to your business has the potential to engage as you offer something unique that the audience doesn’t have. By doing this you can fundamentally promote your business through live streaming.


Training Videos

Perhaps the most aspect on YouTube and the rise of video content is the amount of training videos available. Anyone, anywhere can self-teach themselves many skills thanks to video content. So why not get on board and help your customers to learn. By live streaming a training session it can act like a lesson at school or university, with questions coming through from the audiences which can be answered or shown accordingly. By becoming an educational industry leader, you can guarantee yourself big audiences and the potential to promote your product to a wider audience.


For successes in live streaming content you must recognise the most important needs of the audience. Tap into the audiences need for recognition, curiosity, and control. Provide your audience information that they don’t already have, this is what keeps people coming back to your videos, liking and sharing them which in turn exposes your businesses to others. By combining all of the methods mentioned at different points of the campaign you will be able to increase your visibility by offering a unique and interesting method of contact for your clients.