UK Content Marketing Advice for 2016

Content marketing has continued to grow year on year and in 2016, it is now more important than ever for a business to have a strong online presence.
Advertising and marketing companies were among the first to adopt content marketing strategies, but the below infographic highlights how the idea of content marketing is growing within other UK industries. We’ve taken a look at how businesses are using content, how they’re sharing it, how much of their budget is going into creating strategies and where content marketing is heading in the next 12 months.




The majority of clients and consumers are now sharing content on social media, looking for answers on blogs or catching up with news on news and entertainment sites. Using content marketing for your business allows you to place your brand in front of those people, and effectively reach an even wider audience than if you were using offline marketing alone.
As per the infographic, YouTube continues to be the fastest growing form of content marketing being used by businesses, jumping from 68% to 81% this year. To find out how Hyperfine can help your business tap into this growing market, give us a call or email us by heading to our contact page today.