Top Christmas Films to Watch this Year

With Christmas quite literally just around the corner we thought we would celebrate in our favourite way, with films. We did a poll to find out exactly what Christmas film tops them all. Here is our festive results from asking 2000 people across the UK:


1. Home Alone – 321

A Christmas classic that the majority of people will always make sure they watch during the festive period. A small boy gets left behind in the family home before their giant family jets off to Paris.

2. It’s a Wonderful Life – 287

A extremely old classic, but non the less worth watching at Christmas. Following a man who is struggling to come to terms with his life, he realises over Christmas all the good things that he has.

3. Love Actually – 166

This film follows multiple stories building up to the Christmas period. With a lot of amazing British actors it will be sure to put you in the Christmas mood.

4. The Snowman – 161

The Snowman might be that film that your family collectively watches on Christmas Day, but if you haven’t already seen this film it follows the story of a young boy befriending a snowman that comes to life in his garden.

5. Elf – 150

One of the most famous Christmas comedies is Elf. Starring Will Ferrel this one will have you chuckling all day.

The rest didn’t quite make it to the top 5, but non the less they are still amazing Christmas films that should be enjoyed every year.

Miracle on 34th Street – 149
Die Hard – 126
The Nightmare Before Christmas – 112
A Christmas Carol – 108
The Muppet Christmas Carol – 102
Scrooged – 85
Gremlins – 80
White Christmas – 72
Bad Santa – 70
The Polar Express – 70