The Most Popular Device for Watching Online Video

Whether you have a morning commute, spend time in the city, or have walked through any high street you will be aware of the diversification of digital devices available to the general public. Online video no longer exclusively requires a computer and the numerous video platforms that have developed in recent years have led to significant growth of mobile video. However, just because mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets may be most prevalent in public this does not mean they are also the most used devices for watching online video.


In order to discover exactly what is the most popular device for watching online video we asked 1000 people what device they use the most to watch online video. We ask people from a range of demographics and the results were very interesting. The most popular device overall was still the desktop with 41.6% of respondents selecting it. The second most popular was the smartphone which 32.3% of people chose. Finally, the tablet came in third place with 26.1% of participants selecting it.


These results were relatively similar with both Men and Women. 45.4% of Men and 39.3% of Women stated that they use desktop for watching online video the most. Smartphone viewing came second again with 28.1% of Men and 31.7% of Women selecting it. Watching video via tablet was most popular for 26.6% of Men and 29% of Women. These results are interesting as they indicate that Men use mobile devices far less than women to watch online video. Equally, over 60% of Women use mobile devices most to watch online video.


One of the most interesting divides within the results came from comparing the answers of different age groups. Desktop was most popular for 35.1% of those aged 18-24 while smartphone was most popular for 47.8% and tablet was most popular for 17.2%. These results were very similar to respondents aged 25-34 where desktop was most popular for 36%, smartphone for 42% and tablet for 22%. These results show that tablets are more popular with the slightly older group, but most importantly smartphones were the most popular online video viewing device in contrast with the overall results. These results weren’t the same for any other group.


There was a significant decline in smartphone online video viewing in the older age groups. For those aged 45-54 desktop was most used by 42.9%, smartphone by 26.8%, and tablet by 30.2%. The respondents aged 55-64 stated that desktop was most used by 53.3%, smartphone by 10.3%, and tablet by 36.4%. The 65+ group answered that desktop was most popular for 51.4%, smartphone for 10.5%, and tablet for 38.1%. These results show how while smartphones may not be used as much by older age groups, mobile devices still have popularity through the format of tablets which are used most by the oldest age group. This indicates how tablets have become the competitor to desktop for older groups, but desktop still reigns as the most popular device for watching online video.


While the desktop is currently the most popular device for watching online video, it is clear that with younger generations mobile technology is most popular, and this is likely to continue as platforms continue to evolve and develop, especially with the focus businesses have given to video. As more hybrid devices emerge and video develops it could be that entire new technology competes with what is currently familiar. Regardless, the popularity of online video seems set to only continue growing.