The predictions for video content marketing in 2016

The Content Marketing Institute recently released a special report of 40 plus predictions for content marketing in 2016, many of which provide valuable insights for anyone interested in video content marketing, this year and beyond!


A particularly positive analysis in the report came from the predictions of Jay Baer, president of Convince & Convert. He suggests that “all signs point to video”, going on to list the huge range of social networks and other websites with growing video content – going beyond YouTube and into Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram, among others. He makes the good point that video can include audio, photos, and text, and video is the only format in this list which can claim to include all of the others. He also notes the rise of livestreaming, which is boosted by the ever-improving state of our broadband and mobile 4G infrastructure.


Jay Acunzo, VP of Platform & Content, provides worthy advice to content marketers, particularly those employing more interactive media such as video and apps. He says that “the content part of “content marketing” will take front and centre” in 2016 – arguing that the time has come to start putting into practice all the discussion from the past several years about distribution, tech, and measurement to deliver the highest level of content that we can. He argues that audiences have higher standards than ever, and are particularly sensitive to poor quality video.


The CEO of Arment Dietrich, Gini Dietrich, has a similar message for content marketers: namely that this is the year in which campaigns will need to focus on standing out from the crowd. With an ever-increasing pantheon of content creators to compete against on an ever-growing variety of platforms, audience attention becomes a more and more precious resource. It is no longer possible to take it for granted that putting a piece of content in front of your audience will mean that they receive your message – the next video is always just a click away, and it is vital that you can engage your audience’s attention and provide a unique experience that will stand out to them and stick in their mind even after they’ve clicked through ten more videos after yours.


2016 is an exciting time to be a content marketer, especially in video – it is providing fresh and exhilarating challenges with fantastic opportunities for success for those who approach it right!