6 reasons to subtitle your videos

Video is becoming more and more important in online marketing. In a Buffer survey, 83 per cent of marketers said that they would like to create more video content and 30 per cent said they wanted to spend more time focused specifically on Facebook video.

Whether via Facebook or another digital channel, subtitles can help improve the clarity and inclusivity of your message and drive more engagement.

Here are six reasons why you should be using subtitles in your video production.

Standout on social media

Social media users love videos. According to Buffer, a Facebook video receives 135 per cent more organic reach than a Facebook photo.

We watch more than 100 million hours of Facebook video per day, but about 85 per cent of those hours are watched silently according to a group of top publishers.

It’s can be embarrassing when a video plays a bit too loudly – when you’re on a bus or in a waiting room – and users apparently counter this by watching videos with the sound off.

The problem, of course, is that if your video has any speech or relies on sounds to advance the narrative, and you don’t have subtitles, then your viewers will be confused and more likely to scroll onwards.

Captions increase engagement

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And a Facebook video organically receives around 135 per cent more views than a Facebook photo. A rough calculation tells you that a video is worth about 2,350 words.

On screen captions help boost the engagement of your videos on video channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Thumbnails, the still image you click on to launch a video, can entice more viewers by using a few well-crafted words.

Once you have enticed viewers, on screen captions can also get them to stay engaged for longer. Facebook say that on-screen captions increase view time by 12 per cent.

Make your brand more accessible for people with hearing difficulties

As well as increasing clicks and view time, video subtitles can also improve the accessibility of your marketing to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

In 2015, a hard of hearing vlogger explained the sense of alienation that came along with not being able to understand other YouTuber’s videos.

Her heartfelt plea to the YouTube community was met with a wave of support, with many major personalities pledging to put subtitles (or closed captions) on all of their videos.

This is an important consideration for some marketers, such as those producing videos for the healthcare sector.

Make your videos more accessible for non-native speakers

An Ofcom study in the 2000’s found that, of 7.5 million people using subtitles, 6 million have no hearing impairment. A large portion of this group is made up of people whose first language is not English.

This mildly infuriating video shows how hard it can be for people, whose first language isn’t English, to understand videos – particularly when subjects use a heavy accent.

For many non-native speakers, reading comes more naturally than listening. Subtitles also make it easier for non-native speakers to translate words or phrases if they need to.

Again, subtitling your videos can make your marketing messages more accessible to more people.

Make your videos more professional

Adding subtitles to your videos improves their production value. They make your videos look more professional and this makes your company look more professional too.

There are all sorts of differences that make professional videos stand out from amateur shots. Things like poor lighting, bad audio, shaky footage and a lack of good quality editing are all tell-tale signs of amateur videos, but things like subtitles are also important.

Subtitles can add some authority to your videos and show that you know what you are doing.

If you are going to add subtitles though – make sure you do it properly. Make sure they don’t crowd the screen, are well timed with the audio and they are easy to read.

It’s easy

The final reason for you to add subtitles to your video is that it is easy to do. Using a professional video company like Hyperfine Media makes it easy to get top quality subtitles on your videos with fantastic accuracy.

Even if you choose not to use a professional media company, however, adding subtitles to your videos is relatively straightforward if you have the right software and a good deal of patience.

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