Video Production Services

We specialise in providing video production services to businesses across a variety of sectors. Video is the perfect medium to visually showcase your business, products, or services. We have extensive experience in developing explainer videos, training videos, case study videos, and testimonial videos. Our aim is to communicate your messages as simply and effectively as possible. We find the right creative approach for every project, without overcomplicating things or relying on unnecessary gimmicks. Find out how our video production services can elevate your communications.

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Video Production

Our video production services can help you to convey complex information, strengthen internal and external communications, simplify recruitment, and bring live events to a wider audience. Our videos typically feature a mixture of filmed footage of your premises, products, or processes, with animated sections to highlight key facts and figures. We can include interview clips with staff, stakeholders, and customers, or we can script and record a professional voiceover. The final videos are produced in a style that matches your brand and blends seamlessly with your website or other marketing channels. We’re experts in using video to tell your story in a way that’s right for your business or organisation.

Explainer Video Production

Our explainer video production services help you to communicate your business, products, and services to your target audience in an engaging way. Explainer videos help to make complex information simple and easy to understand. An explainer video can either be used for marketing, such as introducing your business to new customers, as a resource for existing customers, or for internal communications such as onboarding materials for new staff. Explainer videos allow you to highlight the problem your target audience is facing, then showcase the solution your product or service provides.

Training Video Production

Our training video production services can help to elevate your educational capabilities. No matter whether you’re looking to train new or existing staff, or provide training for your clients or customers, training videos provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. Training videos offer a flexible alternative to face-to-face-training and may suit your needs and the needs of your audience by making training available online. We can help you to find the right way to deliver your training content, whether that’s using a presenter, staff, or actors, and the right location, such as your premises, our studio, or a mix of the two.

Case Study Video Production

Our case study video production services help you to communicate the effectiveness of your business. Case study videos enable you to showcase a successful project, or the strength of your products or services through visual storytelling. They often follow a structure that includes outlining the problem, your proposed solution, your actions, and the outcome which is normally supported by data. Case study videos allow you to authentically convey the value of your business, products, or services to your target audience. They provide your business with credibility which in turn promotes trust in your new and existing customers.

Testimonial Video Production

Our testimonial video production services help your customers voices to be heard. Testimonial videos put your previous and existing customers front and centre. They enable customers to share an endorsement of your business, products, or services based on their experiences. Like case study videos, a testimonial video should follow a similar structure. Your customer can present the problem or issue they faced, explain why they chose your solution, the benefits of choosing you, and ideally some data to reflect the outcome of their choice. We’re skilled at putting contributors at ease and guiding the conversation to get the most out of interviews.