Training and eLearning Production Services

We specialise in providing training and eLearning production services to businesses across a variety of sectors. No matter whether you’re looking to train your existing staff, new employees, or clients, our training and eLearning solutions can be developed to suit the needs of your target audience. To ensure our training and eLearning courses are engaging, we utilise a range of content types including written content, video, animation, illustration, and interactive content such as quizzes. We can advise on the most effective design for your training and eLearning content based on your learning materials and the intended audience. Find out how our training and eLearning production services can meet your education needs.

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eLearning Design

We offer bespoke eLearning design services to help elevate your training capabilities. We have experience in producing eLearning courses for different platforms and can provide the finished product in a format that is compatible with your preferred learning management system. When designing an eLearning course, we can build in a variety of interactive content such as video scenarios with multiple outcomes, animation, user management, quizzes to test and refresh the user’s knowledge throughout the course, and certificates. We can control the look and tone of your eLearning content, to ensure it is appropriate and engaging for your target audience and follows any brand guidelines you have in place. We also take accessibility into consideration and can offer subtitles, a voiceover, and a text only version of the course.

Training Video Production

Our training video production services can help bring your training to life. Using video to deliver your training courses can be more efficient and convenient for your employees. It can also dramatically reduce costs compared to providing face-to-face training in the long term. We are highly experienced in producing training videos and can advise on the most effective way of developing your training content, whether that’s filming a trainer or demonstrator on your premises, in our studio addressing the camera directly, or using actors. Training videos are also ideal for developing software tutorials. We can record the software directly from the screen and create professional step-by-step walkthroughs with voiceover and captions.

Training Animation Production

As well as using animation as part of our larger eLearning projects, we can also use animation as a singular training solution. We offer training animation production services to suit all budgets and business needs. Animation provides a level of flexibility and control over the content of your training course. Animation and illustration are effective tools for bringing complex or emotive subjects to life. We can design courses with a distinctive look and feel that adheres to your brand guidelines or course material. Training animations are visually engaging, making them both memorable and accessible to wide audiences.