Our Favourite YouTube Ads: Summer Edition

From extended in-flight safety demonstrations to World Cup gaffes, YouTube has been packed with creative excellence this year.

As August finishes and the leaves start curling up and turning brown, we look back at some of our favourite YouTube adverts from the summer.

British Airways Safety Video Sequel – The Director’s Cut

This extended advert shows one comedian’s attempt to win big at the S.I.S.T.As (Society of In-flight Safety Training Awards).

Starring Michael Caine, Joanna Lumley, Olivia Colman and a host of other quintessentially British stars, the ad is a shortened version of the BA safety demonstration that’s shown in flight. It’s sure to get audiences talking and laughing all the way around the world.

All the Stories are True – Converse

In January, Stranger Things child star Millie Bobby Brown challenged traditional red-carpet rules and made it into Vogue when she showed up to an industry awards show wearing Converse.

In this YouTube ad, Brown explains her decision – “You’re wearing sneakers to an award show!?” “Yep, I’m not expecting you to wear a tutu and a bow in your hair – like wear whatever you feel comfortable in”. The British actress also challenges gender stereotypes and does a great job pushing Converse’s tradition as a non-conformist brand.

Staying at Home with Jimmy Bullard – Dominoes

There were some great World Cup ads on YouTube including Gatorade’s animated homage to Messi and Dre Beats’ star-studded World Cup remix.

But our favourite was this series of shorts from Dominoes – ‘the official food of not going to international football tournaments’. This ad formed part of a broader campaign built around footballing personality Jimmy Bullard. One of the campaign highlights was another video that made it big on social media when Jimmy was ‘caught’ celebrating England’s 6-1 win.

Behind the Mac – Apple

A super simple spot, but one that works incredibly well and has been viewed almost 5 million times. On the surface, the ad stays true to Apple’s minimalist philosophy, showing musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs and more all working on their Apple logoed products. Look behind the screens though and the raw emotion comes rushing out.

There’s concentration, frustration, joy and love – all hallmarks of the creative process. And the pure and childlike music from Daniel Johnston just tops it all off for us.

Cadbury Inventor – Go Madbury

Brits have a deep emotional connection with Cadbury brands. Just look what happened when the new American owners changed the Crème Egg recipe. Rooted in the Quaker traditions of its founders, the brand is at once comforting, socially conscious and (thanks to that gorilla drum solo) cool.

Released just in time for the latest season of the Great British Bake Off, their new spot is colourful and fun and calls on fans to choose their favourites from 90,000 possible combinations of ingredients to create a new flavour of Dairy Milk.