How to Use Video to Strengthen Your Call to Action


When it comes to a compelling strategy, a strong call to action is the most effective foundation to build on. A call to action is a pathway that you set out for your site visitor to follow, with the end result of each CTA intended to encourage users how to act. The challenge of driving customers towards your goal is often one that calls for creative measures, but when an effective strategy is reached, video reinforced CTA’s can drastically improve conversion rates. Blog posts that are left abandoned paragraphs from the end, newsletter sign ups that are closed without the relinquishing of the visitor’s precious email and entire pages that go unvisited. Driving traffic to the destinations that are essential for converting visitors into paying customers can be strengthened by the use of video, the reigning king of content when it comes to engagement.


The careful placement of video on landing pages, blog posts and social media can all contribute to strengthening your overall call to action. When well considered, video can be the perfect tool to strengthen your visitor retention. The essential pathway of a call to action begins with the recognition of a consumer need for what your company is offering. Here’s a rundown of how you can use video to strengthen your call to action.


Laying foundations with infomercials


Sometimes it’s easier to say it directly with video. Drawing your consumer’s attention to a problem, closely followed by how you can offer the solution, is something that video can effectively tackle. Follow up an infomercial with a call to action within the video or alternatively, with a CTA button directly below it.


Keep it simple


It’s no secret that our attention span is at our lowest when we are surfing the web, with users constantly being bombarded by bids for their attention, potentially from several different sources whilst they are already browsing your site. Make it easy for your visitors by setting them on a path that isn’t obscured by too many variables. The short window of attention that each consumer is going to allow for your site means that the most effective strategy is always a simple one. Stay focused and concise when planning calls to action and follow this through into your video content.


Psychology of colour


The psychology of colour is something that is often overlooked in strategies, but it is an essential tool when you need to consistently direct your viewer’s attention to new directions and information. Colour psychology is an innovative tool which can be used to encourage or discourage associated feelings, allowing you to subtly dictate your brand’s associations. When creating videos which will be used to strengthen your call to action, follow through your site’s existing colour connections into the video to reinforce links between the information you are presenting. Bear in mind cultural and sectorial significance when planning colours. For instance, in the world of account red means decline, so highlighting positive content in a video intended to be watched by accountants would create a negative association.
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