How to use video to improve your customer service

Many business owners think that video content can only be used to market your business, but this could not be further from the truth. Videos can be used for a variety of applications such as to educate (including training or presentation videos), interviews and testimonials, and to explain your products or services. Another way in which video can be utilised is to improve your organisations customer service offering.

Below we have outlined some examples of the ways in which you can use video for your customer service.

Video camera lens

Product demonstrations

Although the ease of being able to order online from either desktops or mobile devices allows consumers to access the global marketplace, there is sometimes something lost when you don’t have the opportunity to physically see a product before you buy it. In order to combat this issue, product demonstration videos can show your customers what your products are like and how to use them. This gives you an opportunity to outline the products size, shape, weight, feel and functionality. Rather than relying on text to describe how somethings works, you can visually show potential customers. This can also be beneficial when explaining how to assemble a product. As written instructions can sometimes be confusing, being able to visually show a customer how to do something not only helps them, it also strengthens their relationship with your brand.

Personalised customer support

Following on from using video for product demonstrations, it can also be used to help address problems that other customers have faced with video. There are ‘hacks’ for doing particular things with certain products. By sharing these insights with other people who are looking to buy or have bought that product, you can increase customer satisfaction and product usability. If you want to use video to provide personalised customer support, you can incorporate videos on your Frequently Asked Questions page.  FAQs are an essential part of customer service as it provides your customers with all the information they need based on the needs of existing customers. Using video can relay this information to your customers in an accessible and easy to consume way.

Social media engagement

Social media is a useful tool for engaging with your target audience. More and more businesses use it as a platform for customer service as well as maintaining communication with their customers. Video can be combined with social media in order to elevate the level of customer service you provide online. For example, if you receive a compliment on your product you can respond with a thank you video or with more information about the product. Similarly, if you get negative feedback that could be resolved with a product demonstration or FAQ video, share this content with them.

Any steps that help to improve your customer service will also improve the relationship with your customers. The stronger your customer following is, the more your business will grow. If you’ve had positive experiences using video to improve your customer service offering, share your insights with us in Twitter at @HyperfineMedia or in the comments below. If you want more information on video production and marketing, follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates and posts.