How to Use Video for a B2C Audience

There is a clear difference between B2B and B2C audiences. Where B2B audiences value content that is either informative or instructional, B2C audiences lean more towards video that educates or entertains. If you want to create video content for a B2C audience that will increase your site traffic, visitors and conversions, you need to first understand your audience.


In order to help you craft content for a B2C audience, we have outlined some of the areas you need to focus on below.


Who is your customer?

As we have stated above, it’s imperative that you understand your audience before making content. The target demographic of a coffee shop for example will be very different to that of a DIY retail outlet. The audience of a coffee shop may want watch videos around making the perfect cup of coffee, coffee art or footage of the countries where the beans are harvested, the audience of a DIY retail outlet would benefit from instructional videos on how to use the equipment they’ve purchased or hacks on how to achieve a particular look at home or in the garden on a DIY budget. In order to make video content that resonates with your audience, you need to know who they are, their interests and what problems they face.


Types of video

Unless it’s incredibly clever or funny, there’s no point making an advert for your product to share with audiences online. The types of video that you need to create that will result in a conversion need to be targeted towards your specific audience. Once you have a clear understanding of who your audience is, you can then decide on the type of video you want to create. You can choose to either entertain (create funny, sharable videos) or produce a video that benefits them in some way (how to use a product in a new way). The trick is to make videos that are useful to your key audience. Video of this type can be used to help the conversion process by presenting them with a potential solution to their problems.


Get emotional

As we have suggested above, the type of video you create has a massive influence over the resulting actions your customer goes onto makes. Do you want them to buy your products or to you want them to engage with your content online? Story has always been massive part of marketing, story can be used to make a viewer laugh, it can tap into their fears, as well as showing that you empathise with their current situation. As B2C consumers often make the decision to purchase alone, it’s imperative that you create an emotional connection with them.


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