How to Make Corporate Video More Engaging

The way that we communicate has been revolutionised over the past few decades by massive digital growth, led by the huge expansion of the world wide web. The corporate world has not been blind to this digital revolution, and more and more companies are updating the way in which they communicate with their audiences, for instance making use of YouTube and other online video services to get their messages across to huge audiences in interesting and exciting ways. But you don’t just want to get eyeballs on screens – you want people to take away your message about your company and your product. Engaging audiences like this can be a challenge! But it is a challenge well worth rising to. Here are some tips for how to make your corporate videos more engaging.


Firstly, don’t make your corporate video too dry – unless you are trying to sell paper towels, that is! If you get more technical than is necessary, people are just going to turn off. Remember that you are competing against millions of funny cat videos, ridiculous soundbites from American politicians, and the latest Nicki Minaj video. You have to make sure people have reasons not to click the dreaded red X button at the top right of their screens.


Another common mistake is to make videos that are much longer than necessary. Keep your videos short, sweet, and to the point. Give people the info they need up front, and this will stop them from falling asleep. The less information you impart, the more likely they are to remember it! So keep your facts down to the bare necessities required to capture the audience’s attention and win them over as clients and customers. Remember, you want to give them a reason to get in touch – just dangle the basics, and let them call for the specifics relevant to their particular needs. This establishes a relationship, and also avoids overloading the audience with information that they don’t need and which will only turn them off from your video.
Overall, the main trick to making engaging corporate video is to avoid making boring corporate video! This sounds like a tautology, but just sit down in front of your company’s most recent videos and think hard about what is more boring about them. Then make sure your next videos don’t include these boring features, and you will see engagement rise!