How to Engage Your Audience Using Video on Social Media

The most important content marketing strategy today is arguably video, with Cisco forecasts predicting that video content will go from 64 percent (2014) to 80 percent (2019), which points towards the importance of video content being set to continue to expand rapidly. Don’t miss out, get ahead and clue up on how to utilise video marketing for one of its strongest uses; social media. Have you ever considered using short video or clips of existing content to reach out via video functions on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr? If not, you probably should, as you could be missing out on a chance to gain a visibility and shares.

Video on social media is hardly news, with social media experts everywhere having already established the importance of engaging video content. Social media is not a land where text dominates, with pictures and video ruling instead, to cater to the short bursts in which we use sites that are now flooded with content attempting to hold our dwindling attention spans. Whilst larger companies are already maximising the use of online video, those with a smaller reach are often still neglecting video content, overlooking the huge advantages it can bring to social media outreach and brand awareness in a more general sense.

Neglecting social media is putting yourself at a serious disadvantage, so be sure to promote your brand with snippets from video content and whenever possible, super short videos that are exclusive to your social accounts. Here’s a rundown of how you can use video content to improve your standing with social media and increase engagement with your audience.

Push the boundaries

Professional video equipment is costly and not always something that is viable for small businesses or freelancers to invest in, but with the advancement of filming capabilities in phones better than ever, everything you need is already in your pocket.

Pick up a tripod for your phone and film some steady videos. Make slow-motion snaps for Instagram and edit together video and text to get across concise points. Get these videos out there on all of your current platforms, from Vine to Facebook. Stay updated with the engagement and respond to any negative feedback, enabling you to continue to build positive brand image even in the instance of content sparking a negative response.

The big reveal

Here at Hyperfine we love to use research to stay informed, we recently conducted a UK survey asking people across the nation ‘which online video most influences your decision to buy?’, to which the second most popular answer was ‘product launch video’. There’s no requirement to seem like you’re spamming your own products when rolling out release videos, as they’re already desired by your audience, so the only task in your hands is finding a way to to appeal to their curiosity and convert that into traffic.

Keep things fun when sharing on social media, as you only have a very small window in which you need to captivate your audience’s attention.

Behind the scenes

No matter what the businesses, people are curious and you can capitalise on this. Take a quick tour around the office or a video snippet when out in the field, let your audience into what they don’t already see and briefly go behind the scenes.

Simple videos that follow queues like ‘a day in the office’ can create a quick pull to get people interested in your company and connect with them. Making lasting, positive impressions is something that video on social media can achieve very quickly when successfully utilised.

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