How to Attract New Talent to Your Business

When searching for a new addition to the team, one of the most challenging things is ensuring that your open role is seen by the right kind of potential applicants. Whilst hirers are at a major advantage when it comes to the two sides of the job hunt, there are problems that are sure to present themselves during the search. At times, the sheer volume of recruitment agencies posting to online job resources makes it difficult to get your post seen and alternatively, the problem of having too many applicants to effectively sort through isn’t an unheard of complaint.


Have you considered using video to attract new talent to your business? If not, you probably should, and here’s why. Video can cut through the large wealth of new job openings and make your video stand out to exactly the kind of candidates you want to tailor it to. When you want to attract the best and brightest candidates to your role, you have to take in consideration that you are in competition with other recruiters. Here is a roundup of some guidelines to follow when creating a recruitment video, to help you get ahead of the crowd.


Include testimonials


Everyone wants to work in a good working environment, as often it’s the people you work with that have the biggest impact on your job satisfaction. Get a couple of trusted employees to write a testimonial that can be put into a text frame for the video or include them in the video, speaking directly about their experience at your company.


Discuss past projects and future plans


Give potential applicants a real reference point for what it is they could have a chance to work on at your company, showcase your most interesting projects and touch on future plans. Show the company’s culture and highlight any perks, from simple things like good coffee to healthcare advantages. Traditional tactics are no longer enough to remain competitive when it comes to the kind of candidates that are promising enough to have multiple job offers on the table. Step outside the box to make sure that they choose you.


Define what you’re looking for in a new addition


Filter out any mismatched candidates by adding in a clear description of what it is you need from your new addition. Take this opportunity to expand into things that are more difficult to explain via a text based job description, such as the type of personality that would be needed to fit in with your working environment.


Staying ahead in the job hunt game is essential for the most competitive businesses today, big or small. Follow these essential tips to stay ahead of the crowd and ensure that you secure your ideal candidates.


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