How Long Should My Videos Be?

One of the most important aspects of video marketing is making the video the right length. Too long and you can leave your views unengaged, too short and you may have missed an opportunity to showcase more. Thankfully our friends at Animoto have conducted their own study to find out the exact science behind the perfect video length.


Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are an ideal way of showing potential customers just how good your products or services are without blowing your own trumpet. A genuine testimonial video is a great marketing tool, with up to 85% of customers turning to online reviews to determine whether or not a business is reputable. Video testimonials control the review output and reduces the chances of potential customers finding negative reviews. Animoto’s survey showed these videos perform best when under 60 seconds long, with 37.9% of customers believing that under 30 seconds was enough and 35.9% suggesting that between 30-60 seconds is a perfect time for a testimonial. With only a quarter of customers think these videos should be longer than 60 seconds, it is clear that with testimonial videos, the short the better.


About the Company Videos

Customers thought that company about us videos should again be less than 60 seconds with 38.6% said 30-60 seconds was the idea length of a video. An about the company video is pretty self-explanatory. It essentially summarises your company in the most simplistic of ways whilst also providing your customer base with a more personable touch.


Product Videos

Interestingly Animoto’s research seems to show that customers are much more likely to watch longer product review videos then testimonial videos. We can conclude that is because customers are more likely to take longer when purchasing an item. Product videos have great conversion rates as they are usually towards the end of the buying cycle. Product demonstrations between 1-3 minutes were most favourable within the survey with 38.1% of the votes.


Longer Videos and their Effects

Animoto’s survey also investigated what type of videos would deter a viewer from watching. The second biggest deterrent with a staggering 59.9% of voters choosing this option. The biggest deterrent was a boring video. This clearly shows then important on getting your video length perfect. A video which is too long can automatically deter a potential customer, what’s more, it can push them into the direction of the competition who have the perfect length videos.


The length of your videos should be as high a priority as the content. To ensure you get the right length from your videos, practice in the mirror whilst timing yourself. If you are not recording the videos live, which is recommended, then perform a few trial runs. If you are running over time then cut the most unnecessary parts of your videos, you need to get your information clear and concise. Remember that shorter videos produce more engagement, so if in doubt, cut it out!