How can Drones be used for your business?

As stated in our previous blog post; UK Content Marketing Advice 2016 , this is the year of content marketing for you and your business. Successful content will engage new and existing customers, encourage interaction and most importantly will convert their interest into profits. Whilst you may head down the traditional route of content marketing techniques such as articles and blog posts, it might be worthwhile staying ahead of the curve by incorporating video content into your content marketing strategy.

The most successful and eye-catching content of the moment is, without a doubt, video content. Companies with their fingers on the pulse are promoting video content at a rapid rate, leaving their competitors in the dust. So what better way to promote your video content, then by using the production method of the moment, the drone. The fascinating aerial footage the drone can produce will help promote your business in ways in which your competitor cannot compete.

Drones first appeared in the mainstream media in a military context. They were originally painted as unmanned, weapons of war. More recently drones have been shown in a positive light, by providing aid drops for those in need, in war zones too dangerous for planes or helicopters.

Talks of drone delivery plans by Amazon have helped to conjure images of a sci-fi world, in which robots and humans live side by side. However, today, in 2016 drones are already contributing to society and have inspired our imaginations through their magnificent aerial footage. We are captivated by their ability to film areas and places humans cannot reach. Take a look at this haunting footage from Nuclear waste site Chernobyl and observe the fascinating images a drone can broadcast.

The majestic shots from a drone ensure that your video engages its viewers by providing unique camera angles that a normal camera could not offer. Drones also help logistically by providing easier filming conditions. In ordinary circumstances, filming can prove expensive and risky if manned by a person, but with drone footage, you have more flexibility in this context.

In its most obvious form, drone footage is great for property and construction industries as the footage can promote unique images of the buildings, from heights which were previously impossible to film. Other examples of its use can be applied to a business situated in exquisite grounds or a beautiful location, such as a restaurant or a hotel. By utilising the drone to film the whole building, along with its surrounding areas, it will capture dramatic footage which will leave a lasting impression on your viewers. Take a look at this drone footage from the Avanti Resort, Florida.

Drone footage combined with traditional footage will give your content an edge over your competition. A simple aerial shot taken from a drone stands out from the crowd and boosts the quality of your filmmaking from an amateur level to Hollywood filmmaker instantly. By promoting your brand with highly professional drone footage, you are subsequently promoting your own product as exciting and modern.