Healthcare Video Production Services

We specialise in providing video production services to health and care professionals. We have years of experience in helping our clients engage, inspire, and educate their target audiences with video. Our video production services can help you convey complex information, elevate internal and external communications, simplify recruitment, create compelling case studies, bring live events to a wider audience, and share your expertise in place of face-to-face training. Find out how video can help strengthen your communications.

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Healthcare Interviews and Case Studies

Our healthcare interview and case study videos put your staff, stakeholders and service users front and centre, giving them the opportunity tell their own stories in their own words. We’re skilled at putting contributors at ease and guiding the conversation to get the most out of interviews. Whether recorded on location or remotely, video interviews remain one of the most immediate and cost-effective ways of getting your messages out to your audience.


Healthcare Event Videos

If you’ve spent months planning a conference, workshop, or other event it makes sense to capture it all on video so that you make the most of the day. As well as documenting the event, we can facilitate vox pops and interviews with attendees and speakers. Our healthcare event videos perfectly summarise the day’s events and some of the key takeaways for those in attendance. And those unable to attend can catch up with the keynote talks or presentations they might have missed.


Healthcare Training Videos

Our healthcare training videos help you to educate your audience. Using video in place of face-to-face training has two key advantages: it’s cost-effective and it’s flexible. Firstly, you save time by not having to deliver multiple sessions of the same courses to different attendees. Secondly, you can deliver remote training that can be completed at any time, meeting the needs of staff dividing their working hours between home and office. We can produce videos that put your experts front and centre on camera, such as our training course on UK Nursing Practice. Or we can create fully scripted short films, for example our course on suicide prevention eLearning.

Healthcare Video Showreel

Our Healthcare Video Process

Healthcare training video filming in progress

1. Planning

Our video production projects involve close collaboration with our clients. We’ll liaise with you to plan filming, confirm who we’ll be involved in front of and behind the camera, and when and where this will take place. We’ll put together a schedule for the day including any health and safety considerations, and we’ll book in our crew and all the required kit.

2. Scripting

If the final video is likely to contain multiple elements, such as narration as well as interview clips, we’ll create a draft script. This will help to inform aspects of the production phase of the project, such as where we will use voiceover or stock clips.

3. Filming

The filming of the video often takes place on location. This involves a two-man crew: a producer to work with clients, conduct interviews and oversee the filming, and a camera operator to get the best possible sound and images out of the day. Sometimes we’ll bring another crew member, such as a sound recordist. We usually allow at least an hour on site to arrive and set up the kit before we start any recording. For our interview-based videos we try to maintain an informal, conversational approach and we’re skilled at putting contributors at ease.

4. Post-production

Post-production is when we bring everything together in the edit. We’ll put together a rough first cut to make sure you’re happy with the choice of clips before refining everything with a second edit. This can include a blend of different elements such as titles, animated graphics, stock images or footage, and background music. We’ll then have another round of review and feedback before finalising the edit and any other deliverables.

5. Voiceover & subtitles

Once the video has been approved, we can arrange for a final voiceover to be recorded. We can provide a set of samples to choose from, meeting any requirements you might have for age, gender, ethnicity and tone. We’ll also generate subtitle captions. These can be ‘burned’ into the animation or provided as a separate subtitle file.

6. Review & delivery

During the review phase, we will share the final version of the video with you for sign-off. This version is often shared with your wider team for feedback. Once you’re happy with all aspects of the video, we’ll provide you with the project files that can be downloaded in your preferred format. We can also advise on uploading and sharing this via your own platforms and channels.