Healthcare Training and eLearning Production Services

We specialise in providing training and eLearning production services to health and care professionals. Online training and eLearning have seen huge growth in recent years, especially now more people are dividing their working hours between home and the office. We use a mixture of design, illustration, video and animation in our training courses. And we can provide these courses in a format that is compatible with common eLearning platforms so they can be hosted on your own learning management system. Find out how our training and eLearning capabilities can meet your education needs.

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Video Training

Video can be used to capture your expertise to share more widely. We can film your in-house experts addressing the camera, or we can script the training and hire a professional presenter to deliver this on camera for you. We can then illustrate these presentations with slides, graphics, images, or any other illustrations to elevate your training materials.


Animated Training

Animation and illustration are effective tools for bringing complex or emotive subjects to life. We can design courses with a distinctive look and feel across multiple slides and modules that adhere to your brand guideline or course material. We can also build interactive assets such as quizzes to test and refresh the user’s knowledge throughout the course.


Scenario - based Training

Sometimes training works best when delivered through a series of short narrative films that highlight different aspects of a topic, such as our interactive course on suicide prevention. This project included four short films based on real-world experiences where the user had opportunity to reflect on how they would react and offer support in each situation. We can draw on narrative to enhance your training materials.

Healthcare eLearning Showreel

Healthcare eLearning Process

Video filming of moving and handling techniques

1. Planning

Developing training and eLearning materials involves close collaboration with our clients. We’ll work with you to define the project specifications, such as the format of the training and the target audience. We can help decide the most appropriate blend of content including design, illustration, video, animation and interactive elements such as quizzes.

2. Scripting

Using information and previous training materials, we develop a draft of the script for the training course. The script will help to inform the design and content elements we then go on to produce.

3. Design

Once the script is signed off, we move onto the design phase of the project. We gather all the existing assets and information to create draft designs for the overall look and feel of the course. This often involves creating the slides and new illustrations.

4. Production

Once the design assets are in place, we produce all the content required for the course. This typically includes filming scripted video segments, conducting video interviews, recording voiceover narration, and producing short animations – all dependent on the style of the course.

5. Platform Development

Once all the content assets have been created, we use these to build an interactive eLearning module including interactive elements and navigation controls. We can meet any accessibility requirements, for example we can include subtitles or the option of viewing a text only version of the asset.

6. Review & Delivery

Each training course goes through robust internal testing before being shared with you and your wider team for review. We’ll address any feedback, but changes are often minimal due to the work we do upfront during the production and platform development phases of the project. Once the project has been signed off, we can provide the course files in either a web friendly HTMK5 package or as a SCORM compatible format that can be uploaded to your eLearning platform.