Healthcare Design and Illustration Production Services

We specialise in providing design and illustration services to health and care professionals. Strong design principles are the bedrock of all of our projects. Our bespoke illustration and designs form the building blocks of many of our animation and interactive projects, and we also provide design and illustration as standalone services. We’ve built our own catalogue of NHS characters in a variety of styles that we can utilise in different projects, but we also create new designs and illustrations tailored to your project requirements and brand guidelines. Find out how our design and illustration capabilities can strengthen your communications.

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NHS Character Illustrations

Several of our projects for the NHS draw on this set of engaging characters which we’ve created to represent a wide range of different health and care roles. We call them our ‘health and care heroes’ and they’ve appeared in animations, PDFs, presentations, social media feeds and online quizzes. We regularly update the library with new characters to reflect the diversity of the workforce. They’re full of personality and work well when you want to project a welcoming and inclusive view of your services, such as in recruitment or public engagement projects.


Resource toolkits

Many of our clients in the NHS have multiple online resources they need to share with staff, stakeholders or service users. Often these are hosted in many different locations, both internally and externally. We can design a simple, clearly laid-out clickable toolkit that summarises your services and includes links to all key resources. We make this as easy as possible for you by helping to structure the content and rewriting your draft copy before we pull everything together with an eye-catching design.


Interactive Design

We’re able to add elements of interactivity to our design and illustration work. For example, we can create clickable, multiple-choice quizzes that are suitable as a learning resource in schools for promoting careers in health and care. These can be used as part of a lesson plan along with associated offline activities.

Healthcare Design Showreel

Healthcare Design Process

Healthcare illustration in progress

1. Planning

Our design and illustration projects involve close collaboration with our clients. We’ll work with you to define the project specifications, such as how the asset will be used and the target audience. Many of our design and illustration projects revolve around the development of resource toolkits. We start by gathering all the assets and information needed for the project.

2. Scripting

We start by developing a draft of the copy that will be used for the development of the resource toolkit. This is an important part of the project as the copy will inform the design elements. The copy will be shared with you for sign-off before we move onto the next phase of the project.

3. Design

Once the copy is approved, we will design a draft template to show the proposed layout of the resource toolkit. The design is based on how the toolkit is intended to be used by your target audience, and the intended tone of the project.

4. Illustration

With the template in place, we’ll move onto the illustration phase of the project. We create new illustrations, such as characters or scenes, that will appear in the toolkit. These illustrations will either compliment the toolkit copy or be used to visualise data and information.

5. Development

Once the copy, template and illustrations are approved, we’ll combine these assets to create the final resource, including any interactive elements such as clickable links. All resource toolkits go through robust internal testing before being shared with you.

6. Review & delivery

During the review phase, we share the final project asset with you for sign-off. We action any feedback you have, but changes are often minimal due to the work we do upfront on the resource toolkit copy and page design. Once the project has been signed off, we deliver the final asset in your preferred format.