Healthcare Animation Production Services

We specialise in providing animation production services to health and care professionals. Animation gives you the flexibility to tell your story in a way that connects with your target audience. We utilise an arsenal of animation production techniques to develop bespoke animations tailored to your project needs. Animation enables you to visually communicate your campaign messages and introduce new and complex concepts. It can be used in place of video where filming might not be practical, or used to complement video projects, such as animated logos, titles, maps and facts and figures. Find out how animation can elevate your communications.

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NHS Character Animations

Some of our most popular animations for the NHS draw on this set of engaging characters that we’ve created to represent a wide range of different health and care roles. We call them our ‘health and care heroes’. We regularly update the library with new characters to reflect the diversity of the workforce. They’re full of personality and lend themselves well to animations where you want to project a welcoming and inclusive view of your services, such as in recruitment or public engagement projects.


Healthcare Explainer Animations

We’re often called on to make more ‘technical’ looking animations. These are more stylised and have an ‘infographic’ look for showing charts, graphs, key facts and figures. These work well for introducing organisational changes or for step-by-step training programmes where the information must be communicated simply and clearly. We’re skilled at taking complex reports, whitepapers or presentations and breaking this down into easy-to-understand story boards for animating.


Animating sensitive subjects

Often the subjects covered in our projects can be quite emotive, for example we’ve previously produced animations for hospices. In these cases, we can use a more stylised look to convey emotion and avoid anything too ‘cartoony’. Likewise, if the subject matter is sensitive, such as in our previous work on trauma-informed services, a more abstract style of animation can be appropriate.

Healthcare Animation Showreel

Our Healthcare Animation Process

Healthcare animation editing software

1. Planning

Producing animations involves close collaboration with our clients. Before we start production, we can advise on the style, length and tone of the animation that will best communicate your message and resonate with your target audience.

2. Scripting

For the script we can work from a draft provided by the client or start this from scratch. In either case we’ll make sure the copy effectively communicates your message, is pitched at the right level for the audience, and flows well as a voiceover.

3. Design

Alongside the script we’ll gather existing assets or create new assets as required. This can include icons, characters, scenes and props. We can follow brand guidelines or develop a unique style for these. Using these assets we’ll provide a few example screens, or ‘style setters’ to show the overall look of the animation. For more complex animations we may create a complete storyboard to show each key moment of the animation.

4. Production

Once the script, assets and storyboard have been signed off, we’ll create a draft of the full animation, including text, characters, props, transitions, background elements, with timings provided by a placeholder voiceover.

5. Voiceover & subtitles

Once you’re happy with the animation we can arrange for a final voiceover to be recorded. We can provide a set of samples to choose from, meeting any requirements you might have for age, gender, ethnicity and tone. We’ll also generate subtitle captions. These can be permanently embedded into the animation or provided as a separate subtitle file that can be toggled on and off in YouTube and other supported video players.

6. Review & delivery

During the review phase, we work closely with you to ensure that you’re happy with all aspects of the animation. At this stage, the animation is often shared with your wider team for feedback. Finally, we provide the animation as a video file, for downloading in your preferred format. We can also advise on the best way to upload the animation and share it via your own platforms and channels.