Healthcare ads on YouTube: The best health ads from across the world

The YouTube Ads leaderboard tracks the ads that people choose to watch.
The leaderboard is determined by an algorithm that factors in organic and paid views, as well as watch time and audience retention.
YouTube’s parent company Google allows you to segment the most popular adverts into lots of different categories. This means we can really drill down into what kinds of videos engage people online.
With our links to the healthcare sector in the UK, Hyperfine looked into the most popular videos in the sector to find out what online audiences respond to.
Here’s some of the most popular healthcare adverts from right around the world.

Thai Life Insurance – Unsung Hero

This advert tops the YouTube Ads leaderboard for the healthcare sector. Strictly speaking the ad is for an insurance product but we are happy to include it here because of how good it is.
The three-minute video is almost like a short film. One of the things we like about it is that is driven by a narrative that’s subtle enough for you to not really notice. And the emotional content behind it is difficult to ignore.
Thai Life Insurance is well known in Thailand for producing powerfully emotive adverts. Part of this has to do with the local culture because Thailand is quite a passionate country.
But it’s also a conscious effort from the company to build an emotional connection with their customers. In a video that emphasises kindness, community and an appreciation for the little things, Thai Life Insurance are trying to tell customers that they really understand the value of life – and they should too.
If you are interested, Thai Life Insurance made an even bigger tear-jerker with Garbage Man.

Aflac – Surgery

Another insurance company, but a very different kind of advert. This is because this advert was originally created for the Super Bowl and so is targeted to that audience.
Surgery won YouTube’s AdBlitz competition in the healthcare category. AdBlitz is the corporation’s attempt to find the Super Bowl advert that’s most popular with online users.
Super Bowl adverts are the most expensive in the world, and advertisers have to do something that cuts above the noise and connects with audiences at bars and Super Bowl parties right across America.
Aflac has obviously tried to do this with humour in their ad. And while it seems to have worked with its target audience, a high proportion of ‘dislikes’ on the video may indicate that some more general YouTube users found it in poor taste.
It is worth remembering that healthcare is a sensitive subject for some people

Metamucil – Listen to Your Heart Australia

Back to the other side of the globe, this time to Australia and a joint initiative between Heart Research Australia (HROz) and Metamucil that attempts to communicate the important of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
In this video, the two organisations have tried to communicate important health risks in a way that will reach the people who are most disengaged with their health.
It’s all about finding a creative way to get people to engage with their health – something that many unhealthy people would prefer to ignore.
The ‘stop and listen to your heart’ campaign uses a clever piece of hardware to measure heartrates and put it to a musical beat.