A Guide to Multichannel Content Distribution


Multi-channel marketing is defined as communication through a number of marketing channels. These channels can include online and offline marketing. Rather than focusing on one strategy, multichannel content covers a number of bases in order to maximise the marketing potential. The strategy is especially useful in today’s society as users are connected to a multitude of devices including tablets, smart phones, TV streaming services, film and much more. Twenty years ago marketing was a much more singularly minded approach due to the smaller number of channels available.

The hallmarks of successful multi-channel campaigns include establishing a presence across as many platforms and places as possible. This can include print, digital, social channels TV or radio. The key is to keep your brand consistent. There are several ways in which multi-channel marketing can be successful;


  • By having a clearly defined persona which includes specifics about the ideal buyer. This helps the marketer defined which channels they focus on. A clear example would be a target audience of over 65’s. Social channels wouldn’t be useful in this situation.
  • Marketers also need to provide useful content which is relevant to the target audience. People don’t necessarily want a product pushed into their faces. By providing content which aims to help your target audience you can establish yourself as a positive brand.
  • All channels have to work in harmony. It you are using several social channels ensure that they work together in order to attract more business. Consumers move across all channels in order to investigate a brand. By ensuring you are consistent will improve the overall image of the brand.
  • As well as a consistent approach across all channels, you also need to ensure you have a fully responsive website. Your website is your shop front. Just like any shop front, if it looks bad then it will reflect the client’s views of your business.
  • By using analytics to see which channels are effective it can help you to trim down your multi-channel approach. By trimming down you can focus your attention on the successful channels to ensure that you maximise your approach.


The end goal in the consumer first world is to do more than just be present on multiple channels and begin to connect with them in as many ways as possible. In doing so, marketers will be able to maximise their output and ensure that the brand is represented and displayed in the most effective manner.