How to Get Great Footage at Events

Corporate event videos are a chance to showcase what you and your business represent. As well as promoting your brand to your guests, filming the event allows people who aren’t able to attend an insight into the proceedings. It is, therefore, vital that a few preparatory steps are made before filming the event, to promote your brands image in the best possible way.


The key to a successful corporate event video is having a clear message. Focus on what the event says about your brand. Are you positioning yourself as a market leader in your industry or someone who brings other market leaders together? Perhaps the main focus of the event is the stature of your guest speakers and the message that they will convey themselves? By identifying a message or a purpose, you will help decide what focus the video will take.


Are you hoping to attract customers or investors? Customers are more likely to be interested in what product you are offering; investors might be looking at what is your company’s overall image. The key to focusing on a message is finding your USP. What makes your company special and unique? How should this be conveyed at the event? Once you have identified this, the film should focus the narrative in order to promote the identified USP.


Ensure that you prepare a rough script or a picture board outlining your ideas. Having a rough starting point will help the filming and editing process ensuring enough valuable footage is captured. Freestyle filming can be effective on occasion but more often than not, important ideas are missed or glossed over. By having a plan, you can still deviate away from, you have the license to be creative without sacrificing the important aspects and the messages of the video.


Be unique and tell a story. For a captivating video, approach the video stylistically in the same way as a Hollywood movie. The video must attempt to create anticipation or progression to captivate the audience. The most successful way to achieve this is by filming the event by order of time. If your event is focused around a product launch, then begin the film in the logical order of event itself. For example, start with the venue, before the guests arrive. Then move on to shots of people arriving, capturing the buzz of the event itself until finally building up to the grand reveal. This way you can create a progression that keeps your audience interested and engaged.


Don’t tell us, show us. Video has the ability to showcase a product both visually and orally. It would be counterproductive to explain the benefits of a product when you have the ability to show its strengths. Video is unique as it allows us to absorb its content quickly and efficiently. By demonstrating the features of the product through video, it appeals to our impatient human nature and leaves nothing to interpretation. Imagine showcasing a new perfume with just words. Now picture showcasing the same perfume with imagery and visual interpretations. It’s easier to see which would be to the most effective method.


For a professional look and feel to your event video, you need someone who has the experience and professionalism to pull it off. Creating video is a lot like art, it requires heart and creativity but also purpose and planning.