Five great timelapse videos

Surprisingly, timelapse photography is actually one of the oldest camera techniques there is. It’s first use was in Georges Méliès’ motion picture Carrefour De L’Opera, over a century ago. Since then, the use of time-lapse has evolved side by side with the art of capturing moving images. In the digital age it’s a technique equally available to top level cinematographers and hobbyists alike.

At Hyperfine Media we use the technique to communicate busy working environments, from factory production lines, to quarries, to bustling offices. It helps us show environments which could appear static at normal speed, but when sped up they come to life on-screen, giving the viewer a richer understanding of what they’re being shown. It can also be used to demonstrate a process, following through from design, to prototyping, then along the production line, giving an overall vision of how a product gets from A to B.
We’ve collected 5 of our favourite time lapse videos from some of the many creative people out there which show the breadth and flexibility of the technique.

The Water
An absolutely beautiful and hypnotic video of the stunning fjords of western Norway. This video uses time lapse to communicate the timeless grandeur of the landscape and the constant movement of water throughout it.

The Water from TSO Photography on Vimeo.


Plains Milky Way 

Without a doubt, a starry sky is a time­lapse’s best friend. Plains Milky Way, shot in South Dakota, follows the Milky Way through the night sky. The result is magical.

Plains Milky Way from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.


The Shard
A fantastic video showing the final phase of the construction of the Shard in London. Focusing on the building itself and the wider London landscape, it shows how the building will impact the skyline and the very essence of the city.

The Shard: A Timelapse Study – A Film by Paul Raftery and Dan Lowe from Paul Raftery and Dan Lowe on Vimeo.

Warehouse Construction
A two and a half minute comprehensive overview of a huge construction project – taking some bare tarmacked land and building a massive warehouse. An informative and interesting use of the time lapse technique.

A Day in the life of a British clothing factory
A characterful and pleasing video which using time lapse and other techniques to communicate the people and the process involved in creating items of clothing. It gives a sense not just of the mechanics of the production process but also of the people who work there and the atmosphere on the floor.