Which Online Video Most Influences Your Decision To Buy?

Anyone who develops content for their business will understand the difficulties in knowing exactly what consumers will engage with best. There are so many different types of content that can be created that sometimes businesses can easily spread their ideas across platforms in a way that doesn’t actually engage with users and limits the effectiveness of their campaign.


Video is becoming an increasingly important aspect of digital marketing, however the use of video as a valuable marketing tool can often evade companies, and the pitfalls of selecting the best type of content are as apparent in video as they are in any other marketing platform.


Knowing the right type of video content to produce for your company is vital to engaging with customers and convincing them to make a purchase. In order to discover what type of video content people engage with most Hyperfine Media conducted a UK survey of 1400 people asking them which type of online video most influences their decision to buy.


Product reviews were found to be the most effective type of video content as 35% of those asked said that this type of video was the best at convincing them to buy a product. This type of content is interesting as it is usually found by customers who are already interested in the product, which means that it may motivate people further to buy the product if they hear a positive review.


The second most convincing type of content that drove sales was product launch videos. Product launch videos attracted 20% of votes with 303 people saying that this type of video content has influenced their decision to buy. These types of video develop interest and excitement around products and assist in developing engagement with an audience that will be a mix of those who are anticipating product release already and those who may not yet know about the product. Equally, this type of content is a great way to convey information in an easily digestible way that is transferrable across social platforms.


15% of those asked said that customer testimonials were a significant influencer in their decision to buy a product. The 224 people who voted for customer testimonials indicate how feedback from other customers can convince people to make a purchase. Video content that describes a product can be effective anyway, however the delivery of this content via other customers makes it appear to be more reliable and valuable.


Funny and entertaining videos were also found to be successful at influencing people to buy as 13% of people voted for them. These videos frequently have potential to go viral and can embed a brand in people’s consciousness which can lead to further sales. Equally animated videos were shown to be relatively effective as 111 of people said that they had been influenced to buy by this type of content. This indicates how content that is a bit different can drive sales and also be recognisable to customers.


116 people surveyed said that they had been influenced by instructional videos online. This type of information filled video aligns closely with reviews and testimonials and often connects with people who are looking to find more information anyway, however offering a deeper level of understanding about a product can be what it takes to convince someone to make a purchase.


Understanding how different types of video content can be utilised is a fantastic way to develop an effective marketing strategy. By developing specific types of video content such as reviews and product launch videos businesses can attract new customers and convince people to buy their product effectively. When combined with an effective social media strategy the creation of online video content could be just what it takes to convince someone to make a purchase.