What is interactive content?

Interactive content simply put is any form of content that requires a user to participate to consume said content. To put this into context, consider content such as articles or videos. There is only one way to consume these forms of content, a user can read an article, or they can watch a video. This is considered to be passive user engagement.

Interactive content on the other hand requires a user to take action to interact with the content. For instance, a user would need to make choices when taking a quiz, or answer questions when completing an online training course. This is considered to be active user engagement, meaning the user is an active participant in the content.

With this in mind, let’s looks at some of the benefits of interactive content.

Increased engagement

As we’ve outlined above, interactive content promotes active user engagement. When interacting with this type of content a user must actively participate by making choices and responding to the content.

Bespoke user experience

By engaging with interactive content, the user has a unique and personal experience. Through making choices a user has a dynamic experience, personalised to their preferences or learning style.

Capture attention

No matter whether you’re looking to educate or entertain your target audience, interactive content enables you to capture and hold the attention of a user by keeping them engaged and interested.


Interactive content can also benefit your SEO. By combining content and experience you can increase the time a user spends on your website. Interactive content is also highly shareable meaning that you’ll get increased social interactions and backlinks.

Here at Hyperfine Media, we offer a range of interactive design services, including PDF design, interactive resources, eLearning courses, and microsites.

PDF design

We can design bespoke interactive PDF’s or elevate your existing PDF’s. Our interactive PDF designs feature internal menus that allow the user to navigate to different sections of the PDF, external links, and embedded video content.

Interactive resources

We can create informational resources that bring copy and illustrations to life and can include gamified elements such as quizzes. Quizzes can be used to both entertain and educate your audience.

eLearning courses

We can develop eLearning courses that feature different forms of interactivity, video scenarios with multiple outcomes, animation, user management, quizzes to test and refresh the user’s knowledge throughout the course, and certificates.


We can develop dynamic platforms that enable you to provide your target audience with information and resources. We produce engaging clickable interactive experiences that include copy, illustration, video or animation, and multiple-choice quizzes.

When it comes to interactive design, we can draw on all our media production capabilities to develop bespoke interactive experiences. Content such as video or animation on its own would result in passive user engagement, but this content can be built into an interactive design to promote active user engagement.

If you’re looking to develop interactive content to elevate the experience of your target audience, contact us today at info@hyperfinemedia.co.uk.