What are testimonial videos and how can they benefit your business?

In this article we focus on testimonial videos. We’ll explore what testimonial videos are, what makes them effective, how they can benefit your business and how to make a testimonial video.

What is a testimonial video?

A testimonial video is a powerful tool for building trust with potential customers through the experiences of your existing customers. Testimonial videos feature your customers who are enthusiastic enough about your products or services that they want to share their positive experiences with others. They provide a level of authenticity that goes beyond a written testimonial because they focus on real people who are sharing their real emotions and feedback. Testimonial videos naturally help to boost conversions because consumers want to know that the product or service they’re purchasing has already been verified by others.

Why testimonial videos are effective

Testimonial videos are effective for several reasons. Firstly, they can humanise your brand by showcasing real stories from real customers. Your customers can share their satisfaction with your product or service. This builds trust in potential customers as you can show that you understand their pain points and offer solutions. Secondly, testimonial videos can boost the credibility of your products or services. You can address the doubts, questions and objections of potential customers by showing how your existing customers have overcome similar challenges. Finally, the format of testimonial videos means they can be easily shared across different platforms and channels, helping you to reach a wide audience.

How testimonial videos could benefit your business

There are many ways that testimonial videos can benefit your business. They can reinforce the effectiveness of your product or service by providing tangible evidence from real customer experiences. This helps potential customers to feel confident in their purchasing decisions. Testimonial videos can differentiate your brand from your competitors by showcasing how your business, product or service sets you apart. Finally, testimonial videos can boost conversion rates by guiding potential customers through the buying journey and encouraging them to act.

How to make a testimonial video

If you’re looking to make a testimonial video, the first place to start is your customers. A testimonial video will feature your existing customer front and centre talking about their experiences with your business, product or service. Assess your existing customer base to pinpoint those who you have an existing relationship with, and those who have been satisfied by your products or services. The next step is to reach out and see if they’re happy to participate. If they are, discuss the format of the video and what you’re hoping to include. A good way of doing this is to send your customer questions ahead of time. When you do record, make sure your customer feels comfortable and empowered to share their true feelings. When editing a testimonial video, you may want to include footage of your work, products or services to illustrate what the customer is referring to.

What to say in a testimonial video

The goal when making a testimonial video is to have an account from a customer that feels both natural and authentic. To get the right content when filming, it’s important to discuss what the customer will say head of time. One tactic for achieving this is to share a list of questions with your customer, such as why they chose you, how you helped them, why you’re better than your competitors and what benefits you brought to them. This will give your customer an opportunity to think about what they’ll say and help them feel prepared once the camera starts rolling.

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