What are explainer videos and how can they help your business?

In this article we focus on explainer videos. We’ll explore what explainer videos are, what makes them effective, how they can benefit your business and how to make an explainer video.

What are explainer videos?

An explainer video is a short video that is created to help convey new information to your target audience. They can be used for marketing purposes, such as introducing a brand or a new product or service to a new audience, or for other types of audiences such as employees, stakeholders, and the public. Explainer videos often revolve around addressing and solving a problem your target audience is facing, and contain a call to action, directing the viewer on where they can access that solution.

Why explainer videos are effective

Explainer videos are a simple and effective way of helping your target audience to understand a new concept. Rather than relying on text, both explainer videos and animations enable you to convey complex information in memorable and engaging formats. Explainer videos can be used to share anything from data, processes, your brand or business, to your products and services. The visual nature of explainer videos makes them accessible to wide audiences and gives you a chance to showcase your brand’s culture and personality.

How explainer videos help businesses

Explainer videos help your business by creating content specifically designed to educate your target audience. From a marketing perspective an explainer video can introduce your business or brand to new customers in a memorable and succinct way, or it can show your existing customers how your new product or service can solve their problems. An effective explainer video can establish trust and credibility with your target audience and assist in their decision-making process. By adding an explainer video to your website, especially on a product or service landing page, you can increase conversions by giving customers everything they need to move along the sales funnel. Explainer videos can also be used by your business internally, such as when onboarding or training new employees, or when presenting research or reports to key stakeholders.

How to make explainer videos

If you’re thinking about making an explainer video, the first thing to do is decide whether a live action video or animation would be the best format to convey your message to your target audience. Once you’ve decided on the format, start work on your explainer video script. Here you can set the tone, include key messaging and finish with a call to action. Now it’s time to produce the video, either by recording footage or creating illustrations for the animation. Finally, you’ll either need to edit the footage or animate your assets along with a voice over and music. Once the explainer video is finished you can add subtitles or create a subtitle file and publish the video on your website and social media platforms.

How long should explainer videos be?

The length of your explainer video all depends on the purpose of your explainer video and your target audience. If you’re creating an explainer video to promote your brand or service to new customers, you may want it to be 1 to 2 minutes so that it gets your message across in a quick and memorable way. However, if you’re creating an explainer video to introduce a new policy or process to your employees, the video may need to be 3 to 5 minutes to convey all the necessary information in a clear and engaging way.

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