What are educational videos and how can they aid your business?

In this article we focus on educational videos. We’ll explore what educational videos are, what animated educational videos are, why educational videos and animations are effective, how they benefit your business and how to make educational content.

Healthcare training video filming in progress

What are educational videos?

Educational videos, also known as how-to videos or tutorial videos, are developed to help teach your target audience how to do something. These videos often focus on instructions on how to solve a problem or complete a task. For marketing purposes, an educational video may focus on the best way to use or set-up your product. For businesses, you may want to use educational videos to teach your staff about new processes or how to use new equipment. Educational videos can be any length, it all depends on what you want to teach your target audience.

What are animated educational videos?

An animated educational video is content aimed at teaching your target audience new information. The main benefit of using animation for your educational videos is that they help you to visualise complex concepts. This makes your content more engaging for your audience, and easier to understand and remember. As well as the benefits for your audience, animation also gives your business full control over the look and feel of the video. This is important for branding, as well as the tone of the content, especially when dealing with sensitive topics.

Why educational videos and animations are effective

Educational videos and animations are effective for several reasons. Firstly, the format helps to aid viewer engagement and comprehension. The visual nature of video and animation means you can cater to individuals with different learning styles. The delivery of information focusing on visual and auditory learners makes the educational content more immersive, enhancing information retention and recall. Secondly, educational videos and animations promote remote and self-paced learning. The rise of remote working and online education has changed the way that educational content is delivered. By providing staff and learners with access to educational videos and animations online means that they can learn anytime, anywhere, at their own pace and on their own schedule. Content in these formats can also be paused and replayed depending on the needs of the learner.

How educational videos and animations could benefit your business

There are many ways that educational videos and animations can benefit your business. For educating employees, videos and animations can bolster their development, productivity, efficiency and compliance. They can be used when onboarding new staff, sharing company policies and procedures and employee training. For your customers, videos and animations can improve their product knowledge and brand loyalty. Educational content can communicate the benefits of your products and services, address questions or demonstrate how to use or make the most of your products. This in turn builds brand loyalty as educational videos and animations provide new and existing customers with actionable information that can enhance the customer experience.

How to make animated educational videos

When making an animated educational video, you’ll first need to write a script. The length of the script will be based on the information you need to convey and your target audience. Once the script is ready, the next step is to create the assets for your animation. During this phase you can determine the look and feel of the animation, as well as designing any characters you want to include. Then it’s time to record the voice over, this will provide you with the narrative and pace of the animation. Once all these assets are ready, you can move onto the final animation phase. The last step is to add subtitles, either permanently or as a separate file so that the subtitles can be toggled on and off.

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