Understanding hero, hub and hygiene video types

When video content is referred to as a hero, hub or hygiene video, it’s essentially a way of categorising what type of video it is based on the objective and intended audience. Each video type plays an important role in the sales funnel.

In this article we’ll explore each of the different content types, what videos are normally created within each category, the intended audience for each video, then we’ll unpack the sales funnel in relation to hero, hub and hygiene videos.

Hero Videos

Hero video content refers to videos that are produced to bring attention or awareness to your brand, products or services. Hero videos are often the centrepiece of a campaign strategy. They could be developed to showcase a new business, product or event.

Hero videos are often intended to reach a wide audience of both existing and potential customers. To have the biggest impact on potential customers, hero videos typically have a higher production value and focus on spreading brand awareness.

In order to reach the widest audience, hero videos are often distributed across the widest range of platforms, from your company website, social media channels, email to offline advertising.

Hub Videos

Hub video content relates to the regular video content you develop that focuses on increasing brand awareness and customer engagement. Hub videos often come in the form of engaging, informative and sharable videos that are part of a series.

Common types of hub video content may include testimonials that can help your company to be perceived as more authoritative and trustworthy, and product demos that demonstrate the benefits and features of your product or service.

Hub videos are usually aimed at your existing customers, or at least those who are already familiar with your brand, and can help you to forge a stronger relationship with your target audience.

Hygiene Videos

The third video type, hygiene videos, revolve around video content that plays a more functional role for both your business and your target audience. Hygiene videos are aimed at your existing customers who are actively looking for information about your business, products or services.

Hygiene videos can come in the form of how-to videos, FAQ videos or explainer videos. Hygiene videos work to provide an answer to any query your existing customers may be searching for, whether that’s on your website or via a search engine.

Understanding the sales funnel

The sales funnel represents the stages of the customer journey from awareness to action. Understanding the sales funnel will help you to know what type of video content to create depending of the stage of your customer’s journey.

  • Awareness – This is the top of the funnel and it’s all about reaching people who may not be aware of your business, product or service. This is where hero content comes into play, helping to reach new and potential customers
  • Interest – The next stage of the funnel focuses on potential customers who are considering your product or service but have reservations or questions they need to resolve before taking the next step. Hub content supports trust in your brand, products and services, helping to guide potential customers to convert
  • Decision – This is the nurture stage of the funnel. Potential customers may be ready to convert and have some final questions. Hygiene content can help at this stage as they can explain how a product works in a product demo
  • Action – The final stage of the funnel focusses on conversions and sales. This is the stage where an existing or potential customer will act. All three types of video content can aid conversions, so it’s important to ensure that you have hero, hub and hygiene video content

By understanding Hero, Hub and Hygiene video types and applying them to the principles of the sales funnel, you’ll know how to use video content to attract new customers and nurture existing customers.

We hope this article has helped you to understand what hero, hub and hygiene videos are and how they are used within the sales funnel. If you have any questions or are considering producing hero, hub or hygiene videos, please contact us at info@hyperfinemedia.co.uk.