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Video Vs Motion Graphics

One increasingly common alternative to traditional video is the use of motion graphics. These dynamic digital animations – such as animated text, logos, icons and infographics – can give your video an extra edge and reinforce your existing brand. Motion graphics can even eliminate the need for filmed content entirely! Both traditional video footage and [read more…]

7 Reasons to Use Website Videos

We’re launching our new monthly series on Video Marketing by starting with the most basic question of all – why use video? We’ve been looking at some of the statistics and trends from across the rapidly growing online video market and have put together this list of 7 reasons why you should be using website [read more…]

Vine – an Instagram for Video clips?

Twitter’s new video sharing Vine app is only a few weeks old but already seems to be cropping up everywhere. Vine is essentially a new social media app that is trying to do for sharing video what instagram did for sharing photos. How is sharing video with Vine different from sharing any other video link? [read more…]