How we produce videos

Video offers a range of benefits for your business, from helping you to simplify complex information, strengthen your communications, to showcasing your products or services to your target audience.

If you’re thinking about using video for your business, take a look at our video production process below to learn what you can expect when working on a video project with us.

Discovery session

To begin, we’ll arrange a discovery session with you that will help to inform the overall project. We’ll discuss your key messages, objectives and your target audience. From here we’ll be able to advise what type of video best suits your needs, such as an explainer video, a training video, a case study video or a testimonial video. Once we have everything, we can also guide you on the most appropriate style, length and tone of your video. During a video project with us you’ll be assigned a dedicated producer who will manage each step of the production process.


To know what parts of the video need to be filmed and how, we’ll need a script to work from. We collaborate with you to develop the script, whether that’s helping you to refine a pre-existing script, or writing a script from scratch based on information you provide. In terms of what is scripted, this can include the words of a presenter, a trainer or stakeholders within your business. If you’re including interviews or creating a testimonial video, we can provide guidance on how to get the most out of interviews.


When it comes to filming, we’ll work with you to agree on filming dates, locations and who will be involved. We’ll provide you with a schedule ahead of time so you know what to expect on the day. Our crew normally consists of a camera operator, a producer and if necessary, a sound recordist. We’ll arrive and set up before filming starts, and we always take health and safety into consideration. We’re experienced in making the people we film feel at ease, we take a conversational approach that helps us to get natural responses when filming interviews and testimonials.


During post-production we start by editing the footage to select the best clips that can be used in the final video. We’ll share these clips with you for sign off to ensure that you’re happy with the content. We then move onto the wider editing phase where we combine the footage with other elements such as animated graphics and titles, stock footage or images, and audio such as background music. We’ll then share this cut with you to review and implement any feedback you have.


If voiceover is required, we often record this in-house to begin with to aid the editing process during post-production. Once the video edit has been signed-off, we can source professional voice actors to suit any demographic requirements such as regional accent, age, gender and ethnicity.


Once the video has been fully signed-off, we move onto the final stage of the production process which is to generate subtitles. We can provide subtitles either as a separate file that enables users to turn the subtitles on and off, or we can add them permanently to the video.


We use a robust review process to ensure that we get your input and sign off during each stage of the production. This ensures we don’t duplicate work later down the line if changes are requested, saving you both time and money. We will provide you with the final video files in a format that suits where the final video is intended to be published.

If you’re interested in starting a video project with us or have any questions, contact us today at