How we produce interactive content

Here at Hyperfine Media, we specialise in the production of engaging interactive content. Our services include PDF design, and interactive resources and microsite development. If you’re looking to embark on an interactive content project to elevate your business, take a look at our production process below.

Discovery session

We always begin our interactive content projects with a discovery session so that we can find out more about the type of interactive content you want to make. You may want to develop a PDF that features links to external resources, an interactive resource that offers users engaging clickable interactive experiences or a microsite comprised of copy, illustration, video or animation. The type of interactive content we recommend will be based on your assets and information, objective and target audience.

Research & Scripting

No matter what type of interactive content we produce, the first step is always to develop the written content that will appear on the final asset. We achieve this by working collaboratively with you and by collating all relevant data, information and documentation. The written content is the foundation of what the final asset will become as it helps to inform the length and design of the interactive content. We’ll share the copy with you for review and sign-off before moving onto the next stage of the process.


As mentioned above, the copy acts as the foundation of the content. Once it’s approved, we can use it to develop the design of the interactive content. This could look like the number of pages of a PDF, how the content is distributed and accessed in an interactive resource, or the elements needed to develop a microsite. The draft design also reflects the style and tone of the final asset.


Almost all the interactive content projects we produce feature some form of illustration, such as characters, scenes, icons and objects. These illustrations will either be used to visualise data and information, or to make the final asset visually engaging. If we’re developing videos or animations as part of the project, these illustrations will also be used for these elements. When it comes to character illustrations, we have extensive experience in representing demographics such as age, gender, race, disability, body type, religious background and hidden disabilities.


The production phase of the project is where all the assets are developed and brought together. If there are video, animation or quiz elements they will be produced and added to the main interactive content. All interactive assets go through robust internal testing. Once they’re ready they will be shared with you for review. Any feedback you have will be actioned during this phase, but we utilise a review process during each stage of the production to ensure any changes at this final stage will be minimal.


Once the interactive content has been signed off, we will deliver it to you in your preferred format. We’ll work with you to ensure that the asset can be published, embedded or distributed in a way that meets the needs of your target audience.

If you’re interested in starting an interactive content project with us or have any questions, contact us today at