How we produce eLearning content

We specialise in the development of eLearning courses that feature different forms of interactive content, such as animation, video scenarios, quizzes, user management and certificates. We ensure that our courses are accessible and engaging for your target audience.

If you’re looking to work with us to produce an eLearning course, take a look at our production process below to find out what to expect at each phase.

Discovery session

Before we start the production process, we’ll arrange a discovery session with you to learn more about the eLearning course you want to produce. We’ll need to know the topic, the length of the course, what materials you have and the target audience. From there we can advise on the format of the eLearning course, the types of interactive content it should contain as well as the most appropriate tone and style for the course.


The first step of the production process will be to develop the structure of the eLearning course in a written format. This could include the copy that appears in each module, the questions and answers that will make up the quizzes and the scripts for any videos or animations that will be included in the course. To achieve this we will need background information and any training materials you have.


Once we have completed the scripting phase, we will have the foundation of the eLearning course. We can use this as a blueprint for the overall design of the course. Here we’ll draw on the recommendations outlined during the discovery session in terms of the tone and style. During the design phase we’ll create the template for the eLearning modules along with any character or scene illustrations that are needed. If you’re including animation in the course, we’ll develop the illustrations for these during this phase.


Now that we have the script and design assets in place, we can move onto the production phase of the project. During this stage we’ll turn the designs into working eLearning modules with navigation controls. We’ll also produce the required interactive elements. This could include filming and editing training videos, producing animations, recording voice over or creating quizzes to test the knowledge of your users.


When developing eLearning courses, we take accessibility into consideration. We can adhere to any accessibility requirements you have, such as adding a voice over and subtitles throughout the modules, or by including a text only version of the course.


To ensure the quality and functionality of the final eLearning course, it goes through rigorous internal testing before it is shared with you for review. Our production process ensures that feedback is minimal at this stage. Using this phased approach means that any issues are addressed before the project moves on at every stage. We can provide the final project files in a SCORM compatible format for uploading to eLearning platforms, or as a web friendly HTMK5 package.

If you’re interested in starting a video project with us or have any questions, contact us today at