How to use video to showcase your product

According to Insivia, 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process, and MarketingProfs have recently stated 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. If you’re not using video to promote your products online, now is the time to start. But in order to make that start, you need to understand how video can be used to connect you to your existing and potential customers.

E-commerce is growing in popularity on a global scale. Consumers are now buying online not only via their desktop, but in some cases businesses are finding that mobile device sales are overtaking desktop due to the ease of purchasing by smartphones on mobile optimised websites. The only drawback that many users face is the inability to see products first hand before they buy. Video is the perfect solution to this problem.



Video is much more effective than photography when demonstrating how your products really work online. If you have a video that either demonstrates or reviews your product, it will give your customers the insight they need before they make the decision to purchase. These videos give you opportunity to not only sell the product to a customer, but it can also act as a resource for your customer. For example, you can provide demos showing how to operate your product and get the best results. These types of videos are the equivalent of an interactive FAQ and provide your customers with another level of customer service.


An extension of a demonstration/review video is one in which customers who have already bought the product provide video testimonials. These videos help to engage with potential customers by engaging with existing customers. Word of mouth is one of the strongest tools for selling so let your customers who have had a positive experience help spread the word. Moreover, if you film a customer actually using your product it will act as a valuable asset to potential customers, showing them that the product has a variety of different uses and can be used in different locations.


Tell a story

Finally, the last type of video that can help you to promote your products is one that tells your products story.  By creating a video that features a narrative connected to your products, from the way it was made, the history behind it or how proceeds from the sale of the product are donated to charity, you can generate an emotional connection with your customers. Showing a customer the craftsmanship behind how a product was designed, built and the materials that were involved can not only show off the product, but also the expertise of your business.

We hope that these suggestions have given you some inspiration into the types of videos you can create on order to promote your products! If you have any questions about product videos, or if you want to share successes you’ve achieved with your own product videos, get in touch with us on Twitter at @HyperfineMedia.