How to use video for client testimonials

You may want to shout about your product or service to anyone who will listen, but self-promotion isn’t always the best way to engage with potential customers. One of the best ways to reach out to new customers is with the positive experiences of your existing customers.

Many businesses include written testimonials on their sites, but these can often seem impersonal and in some cases fake. Video testimonials offer potential customers with credible and digestible information about your products and services from the people who use them.

If you are looking to create video testimonials, we have listed some key advice to keep in mind throughout the process.

Client Testimonials

Contacting customers

If you want to create an honest testimonial that features insights from individuals who have actually used your products and services, you need to make contact with existing customers. You may be in a position where you have established relationships with happy customers who would be happy to participate, but if you don’t a good place to start is on social media. You can identify individuals who have interacted with you in a positive way on social media platforms. Don’t be afraid to contact these individuals directly, you may be surprised with the response. Alternatively, you can ask customers on your blog and social media profiles to contact you if they are interested in participating.

Where to shoot

As the testimonials need to appear natural and realistic, it makes sense to conduct them in a place that the participating customer feels at ease. You could offer to meet the customer at their home or workplace rather than using a generic or branded background. This visually shows that you have gone to the customer to get their feedback rather than them coming to you, adding a sense of spontaneity.


Although it is important to prepare with the interviewee before you start filming, asking them to read from a script will take away any level of sincerity that you are trying to achieve with the testimonial. The testimonial should focus on the customer giving an honest account of their experiences. Try asking open questions and letting them talk naturally, if they are nervous you can always help by offering to provide bullet points to help jog their memory and keep them on track.

Pick up shots

As well as the testimonial itself, it will be visually appealing to viewers is there are shots of the interviewee using the product. This can provide a level of authenticity to show the product in action as they are using it. If this is not possible, show the interviewee in their natural environment (whether that is at home or work) so that there is some variation in the footage.

Once you have the finished product, you will be able to use the testimonial in a variety of ways. As well as posting the video on your website, you can share it on your social media profiles. Depending on your company’s offering, you could even use the testimonial at events such as trade shows and conferences and trade shows.