How to make product videos to suit your audience

Product videos are becoming an increasingly important of a business’s marketing toolkit. According to research from Insivia, 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process. It can mean the difference between a potential customer choosing to shop with you, or deciding to take their business elsewhere. If you’re looking to incorporate product videos on your website, we have listed some examples of the different types of product videos you can create below.


Commercial Product Videos

This is the most common type of product video. Simply put, a commercial product video is all about selling your product. It is aimed at your target audience and it should quickly and simply outline why they want to buy it. We would normally keep these videos short (less than 30 seconds) and use them to showcase the key features and benefits, often by using simple product shots overlaid with animated captions and a voiceover. These types of videos are often used to advertise (for B2C customers) and at corporate events (for B2B audiences).

Product Launch Videos  

A product launch video is an extension of the commercial product video. This type of video is also used to sell, but these videos are time sensitive and their popularity lays in the anticipation surrounding the product launch. If you can tap into the excitement your customers have for your new products, you can use this opportunity to outline the products new features.

Product Tutorials  

Although you can create product videos that directly advertise your product, product videos can also be created to act as a resource for your customers. You can make tutorials for your products in order to show customers how your products work and how to get the best results from them. This type of video can find a substantial audience on YouTube and helps increase brand awareness. For inspiration on what type of tutorials to make, take a look at your frequently asked questions to see what your customers are already looking to find out.

Durability Tests

There are certain drawbacks to buying items online, the most common of which is the inability to physically look at the product before committing to buy. Depending on what the product is needed for, we all want to make sure that we get the best quality from our purchases.  You can assist potential customers in this area by making videos that highlights your products durability. This can range from testing its capabilities, to showing how robust the product is.

Customer Reviews or Demonstrations

Getting customers to submit their own videos showing your products in action can be a great way of spreading positive word of mouth. Encourage customers to do this via social media by offering prizes or discount vouchers for the best entries. These have the advantage of showing your product in lots of different environments and can provide potential customers with the insights they need to commit to buying.

We hope that these suggestions have inspired you to consider the potential benefits and uses of product videos to engage and sell to your target audience. If you’ve created product videos that have resulted in sales, share them with us on Twitter at @HyperfineMedia. If you want more information on video production and marketing, follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates and posts.