How to make animation work for your business

Animation is an effective way of promoting your products and services. Animated videos vary from simple animated text, to elaborate designs and character based narratives. The type of animation you choose all comes down to one thing, your target audience. Animations, no matter whether they are text based or an explainer video, are all about connecting with your customers. You need to make sure that this is the right medium to relay your message and that you choose a style that will resonate with the intended viewer.


There are a variety of different ways that animation can be used to create engaging videos. One of the most common ways that animation is utilised is in the creation of explainer videos. As animation can be used to simplify complex products, services and business types, explainer videos often appear on a company’s home pages as they are the first thing that a user normally sees when first visiting a site and provides that user with a high level overview of their business, products or services.

Here at Hyperfine we specialise in animating brand elements such as icons, text, characters, 3D objects and infographics using a suite of tools and techniques called ‘motion graphics’.  When creating motion graphics, we ensure that the animation closely matches other elements of our client’s brand. As well as incorporating elements such as your brands font and colours, we can also animate your logo. This way any animations we create will fit in perfectly on the clients existing website.

When it comes to creating animation, you have the ability to think outside of the box and get creative. No matter whether you are writing the script yourself or working alongside a video production company, you have the freedom and flexibility to make something original and visually appealing. Animation also brings flexibility in the ability to make changes to the video after production is over.

Online videos are a beneficial promotional tool for any business. As well as featuring the videos on your website, you can also share them on your social media profiles. According to Invodo, 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others, this means that you can maximise the promotion of your content with the right means of distribution.

We hope that these this post has given you a vision of how animation can be used to effectively connect your brand and services to your target audience. If you want to share your thought on animated videos, or any great examples being created by other businesses, get in touch with us on Twitter at @HyperfineMedia.